On 8 Headlines That Sound Like Upworthy, But Are Simply Attempts To Express My Withering Contempt For That Collective of Neo-Liberal Douchebags

Right?? Right. Sometimes, to amuse myself, I read them as if they were sexts and they get a lot funnier. "What If Congress Saw What It Really Feels Like To Be Us?"

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On Friday Open Thread

@trousers-not-pants Actually it's about European in 14th century. Clearly I'm paying attention.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm worrying about job hunting mostly. My internship ends in two weeks and I'm worried I'm not assertive enough to just put myself out there. But I also wouldn't mind a vacation??

I also finished a book for the first time in ages this week! Now I'm reading "A Distant Mirror" by Barbara Tuchman, which is about Europe in the 13th century. Seriously good.

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On End This Terrible Relationship You're In, Please

This is devastating and saddening and God I needed it. Thanks so much. I will be carrying this around with me for the next few months.

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