On Unreleased Celebrity Fragrances

@PatatasBravas My exact question when I saw this.

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On Let's All Make...

Just testing something. (But if anyone wants to bake for me, call me?)

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On The Modern Meanings of Flowers

@sweetleah Wait. Which end do you keep? The little brown bit at the bottom or the actual tall dead flowerey part?

(I can't even keep an aloe vera plant alive ...)

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On What Does Your Toilet Paper Preference Say About You? (Besides EVERYTHING)

@4daywkn: I swear I didn't break your toilet. I'm not quite an asshole when I'm drunk, just kind of impish and obnoxious. To wit:

- stole all the oven knobs (promptly lost two in the cab home)
- got a bud to help me rearrange furniture in bedrooms (do this when people are starting to get drunk, but not yet hooking up)
- went to the bodega, bought black-light bulbs and changed all the closet lights out
- put every single fork I could find in a pan of water, then put that in the freezer
- same trick, but with house keys
- hid oven racks in some luggage
- filled a bathtub with bricks from the construction site next door (bud passed them to me through the window)
- applied car window tint to bedroom window (took forever, but was so worth it)
- plugged a wet vac into the light-switch-outlet thing, put sand in the wet vac and set it on reverse to blow dirt when switch turned on
- balanced 16 Dixie cups of water on a ceiling fan so that when the light was turned on ...

(Okay, maybe I'm an asshole.)

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On The "Winter Boyfriend"

I was a winter boyfriend for 4 months, once. An early warm spring rendered me useless.

At least I got to be big spoon, though!

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