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Isn't that Fiona Apple song the one about her rape? Yikes Bikes. Agree with the other commentator that "First Taste" is the right choice.

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On Friday Open Thread

@whereismyrobot that sounds fucking great. it is awesome.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Megan Patterson@facebook very true! I guess i'm always expecting people from online to be flakes (which is usually the case) must follow my usual self to expect the best from people .... and I will totally message him with a "hey dude, what's happening message" in the near future...

I love how strangers help me feel positive! Sometimes, I think friends feed into my paranoia, or are forced to be supportive because they love me. Thanks Pinners!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Too Much Internet v. true. I don't know why I'm such a wuss about sending messages like that to dudes ... not sure what comes over me that makes me all shy! Will mellow on this during my yoga class and will muster my resolve to be a normal person.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ReginalTSquirge@twitter i think i might end up initiating date #3 anyways

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheFattestBunny thanks! i mean, i initiated the initial contact --- through an OK cupid rating, and he messaged me, and then i was the one being all like "let's hang out" both times. but he's into it. so far. which is why i'm like .... hmm ... should i let him initiate this time around?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Too Much Internet ha. yes. I realize that I sound like a crazy person. But, I think the only reason why I'm internally concerned is because leading up to our date on Sunday, we checked in with each other basically every day.

But I'm aware, that cooling it is in order. Fo shizzle.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hairpin ladies ---- y'all always offer such awesome advice and support that I will stop trolling and now participate. I'm curious into the insight of people that are not my friends, and have more experience with d00ds than myself.

Aiight, so I met this dude online at the beginning of Feb, and after some playful messages, we started emailing, and from the emails came a decision to have a meeting. So, our first date went really really well, and it ended in a little bit of a smooching at the bar patio, followed by some PG-13 (ish) makeout sesh in the back of my car. We ended it enthusiastic about seeing each other again .... he texted me when he got home with a "can't wait to see you again." and it's all very cute and the like.

Fast forward to a little over a week later, we meet again for our second date --- which was supposed to be a picnic, but work got in the way, and ended up being a sunday morning breakfast date (his suggestion) at an awesome shitty diner. That date also went really well, and at one point when telling a story, he put aside the stack of pancakes, took my hand, and declared, "you're a weird kid, and I like it." Followed by a smooch, and playful teasing my of flusteredness. Afterwards we planned to head over to a park to walk around and enjoy the nice day, but got sidetracked by smoochies and had another make out sesh. Where we pretty much confirmed that we're not only into each other as people, but are also cool with the idea of potentially seeing each other naked.

After a brief conversation about when we could see each other again, we agreed to see each other later that night after we were done with our respective activities. He would study, i would write. and then we'd reward each other for a job well done afterwards. He took the metro to my place, I met him there, gave him a tour of the digs, and had a make out sesh, this time half-nekkid before stopping to get down to actual work. We sat in silence, rubbing each others legs, holding hands, my legs draped over his, it was really nice and comfortable. After we were done, we channeled Billy Madison and Veronica Vaughn and had some more half-naked fun times. He knowingly stayed past the time the metro closed, and willingly paid for a kinda-pricey cab ride (boy came prepared with cab money). It was sexy, and sweet, and comfortable, and most importantly fun!

Here's the thing --- except for a quick check-in from him on Monday morning, and a short discussion of the phenomenon of cuddle parties ... I haven't heard from him at all, and there are no current plans to see each other again. I don't usually get beyond a first date with guys, so the fact that there was a second is sort of huge for me .... so i'm freaking Dear Pinners ...

I understand that people are busy and have lives and such, should I even be concerned that I haven't really heard from him since? Clearly this has been muddling my mind all week, and I don't like being muddled. Pinners -- what are your thoughts? Should I just be proactive and be the one to initiate another date?

You're awesome if you've read this far.

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