On Charming Uphill Both Ways in the Snow

Happy to see Chris Pine pop up a few times, surprised I have not seen Neil Patrick Harris. His charm and dapper personality are the only things that make Barney work on any level. And he seems like such a pleasure to be around in general.

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

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On Scientology and Me, Part Two: What Scientologists Actually Believe

Thank you for sharing this Stella, it is fascinating and I am looking forward to the next installment.

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On Things I Learned About Children on a Recent Flight Out of Orlando

Kindle fire + headphones (that look like tigers!) + those little gummy fruit snacks from Starbucks = my almost 3 year old behaving better than the tweens in front of us on his first plane ride from Philly to Tampa. People all around us thanked him for being such a good boy the whole flight while purposefully glaring at the older kids.

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On Scientology and Me: Part One, Growing Up in the Church

@piekin Yep, same here.

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On Milk News

@New Hoarder Horizon Organic vanilla or chocolate, AKA "cow on milk" by my 3 year old, is his big treat when Mommy needs her Starbucks. He lives for that stuff.

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On For My Daughter, on Her First Birthday


And remind her to play with everyone at the playground! My preschool son always find someone to play with there, but as he gets closer to elementary school age girls drop him the second another little girl steps foot on the playground.

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On Feist's "Bittersweet Memories" Video

Stop reminding me that my sweet little boy is going to grow up! And that he will be a big hairy man at that!

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