Iron Maiden, Hallowe'en, baby animals. These are a few of my favorite things. METAPHORICALLY.

By yourstruly on The Hairpin Rom Com Club: She's All That

I luh-huh-huved this movie (still do, as a matter of fact). Definitely idolized Laney and Kat from 10 Things, which, in retrospect, may have influenced my personality more than I realize.

The song from the choreographed number at the end is definitely on my workout playlist.

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By tulliola on Like, Literally.

As many have pointed out, language changes; it's why we're not still speaking Indo-european. Hand-wringing over this is embarrassing, especially because the people making a big deal about it seem to so often be transparently trying to bolster their "word nerd" cred by putting down the language habits of others.

The thing I find most interesting about "literally" is that it isn't a case of people just not knowing what the word means (cf. nonplussed, penultimate) and so using it wrong--they're just using it metaphorically as an intensifier. That is, they are using "literally" figuratively, which I think is sweet and cool. We may have lost a word for non-figuratively, but we've kept a fresh edge of intense meaning, which is more important to me. Signed, graduate-trained Classicist/philologist.

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By wee_ramekin on Like, Literally.

@mochi Literally. That time has the longest of asses.

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By mochi on Like, Literally.

@Springtime for Voldemort Yup. While it may be overused by some, it's not incorrect and it's not new. It's been used as an intensifier for what is known in grammar terminology as "a long-ass time".

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By Springtime for Voldemort on Like, Literally.

The dictionaries *should* include the "new" definition (that actually isn't all that new); they're all descriptivist. "Literally" isn't being misused, it is being used differently, and the number of times it has led anyone to be genuinely confused about the speaker's message can be counted on one hand.

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By Briony Fields on Like, Literally.

@adorable-eggplant Indeed! I love this stuff, language evolves and that's why we don't speak like Shakespeare anymore.....

.....unless people secretly do, and that's a thing.......

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By KeLynn on The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

@Chrissimas I had the same experience. Conservative and religious family and school. But while they definitely beat into our heads "don't have sex until you're married," it was more along the lines of "it is SO awesome that it will be something special to share only with your spouse." Not "it's dirty and sinful to want it."

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By Chrissimas on The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

It's so strange to me to read some of this because I know that it's out there (saying sex was a sin and shaming women), but I grew up in a very Christian, very conservative area and a pretty conservative, but practical, household and I don't remember hearing this stuff. My parents very much wanted us to wait until marriage to have sex, but went to great lengths to make sure we knew that sex was a good thing, not a bad thing. My father even made each of us listen to a book on tape by Dr. Dobson, and the only thing I remember about it was him saying that masturbation was perfectly normal and not a sin and to not be ashamed of doing it. That doesn't seem to gel with what I'm always hearing about him and that movement. Maybe I just filtered out all the stuff I didn't agree with and forgot it and only remember the good advice?

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By iceberg on Ask Santa

Thanks for making me cry, SANTA.

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By TheDragon on The Best Time I Took My Baby to the Emergency Room

I am so glad your baby is ok!
My dad lifted my (maybe one year old?) little sister into a running ceiling fan. She was fine, but my entire family thinks I'm going to end up a serial killer because I still dissolve into giggles whenever I think about it. (It really was funny. THWACK THWACK THWACK! Then they both looked at each other with the exact same expression and slowly turned to look at mom. In. Perfect. Unison. I die.)

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