On Friday Open Thread

I'm kind of freaking out, because my boyfriend wants to get married by the end of the year, for taxes and stuff. This is WAY sooner than "in a couple years" so he wants to keep it secret, and then have a wedding later.

Most of my friends are telling me it'll be great, I'll get spiffy health insurance, "Are you happy? Then you'll be fine" etc etc, but then one of my younger coworkers said "It sounds like he's trapping you!" And THAT is exactly how I feel. Uhhhhg. Trapped. With the man I love. Forever. Or until loads of paperwork do us part.

Also I gave him herpes. Also my health insurance hasn't kicked in yet and I'm finally ready to actually see a shrink and deal with my crap. Also he's 32 and I'm 27 and he's getting to that baby-making time. Also he is really awesome and puts up with me and seems to like me even when I'm a cranky poop.


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On Sriracha Stilettos and Beyond: An Interview With Hourglass Footwear

These look so. freaking. cute. And these women are doing amazing work. Uhhg I need a job! <3

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@Brunhilde OMG you are fantastic and I love you forever.

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

@City_Dater This also works on boyfriends. Mine calls me "Krampus" when I make a frowny face and crab hands. And he fucking loves it. I made him giggle once :)

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On Horrible Things That Have Happened to Doctors on "Private Practice" Since 2007

WHAT. Uhggggg I am so glad I stopped watching 2 seasons ago? When Addy got really baby crazy, I just couldn't deal with it anymore since I am a little bit terrified of wanting children? And swapped back to Greys. AHG I KNEW LEXIE WAS GONNA DIE IN THAT CRASH I KNEW IT I KNEW IT.

But this. PETE?! Why didn't anyone tell me about Pete?!?!?!? Also OMFG Amelia :( :( :( But at least Naomi is bomb, except for having to deal with oh I don't know, EVERYTHING.

I do, however, love Addison till death do us part. Her HAIR. Her sassiness. Her passion. Her HAIR some more!

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On A Tidy Death

@NeverOddOrEven Oh man. I had like $400, and no prospects. I moved an hour and a half away, from the SF bay area to Napa, which is wine country. I knew one person there, and she ended up getting me a gig serving at an event. And someone I met there got me a gig doing the same thing at a winery. I think I worked maybe 5 or 6 events in the month and a half I was up there.

I woke up every day at 6:30 so people wouldn't see me, and was out like a light around 10pm. I finally got a gym membership so I could shower. I had a $10/week budget for food, and ate lots of celery, carrots, cabbage, bananas and apples. And a loaf of french bread that I got sliced and ate with lots of peanut butter.

It was heaven. Napa was freaking gorgeous, and waking up every day to vineyards and hot air balloons was so amazing. My friend up there had a dog, so sometimes she'd have to work late, and I'd take the dog out to the river. For like 6 hours. Aside from the cramped sleeping space, fear of being caught, and lack of variety in food choice, and OMG internet (I ended up having to have a Starbucks budget too, so I could hang out and read The Hairpin, etc), it was the least stressful time I've ever had in my life. And I got to rub it in the faces of everyone back home a little bit. ;)

It was awesome knowing that I was capable of packing up all my shit and just GOING. Shit hits the fan, hell if I care - GONE.

In October I went down to Death Valley for a crystal dig (google for Gem-O-Rama, it's awesome), and all my friends bailed. So I made the 10 hour drive by myself. And made some cool friends and shared my beer. After that, I found out I was only 4 hours away from Vegas. So I drove there and hung out with a girlfriend for a night. And then I went to the Hoover Dam and bawled my eyes out over being so close to all that HISTORY. And then I still wasn't done, so I drove home to Napa through Nevada, and it took me two days.

Gas for that trip basically wiped out what money I had made working at the events in Napa. And I couldn't have been happier. I had the best time ever. And then I had even MORE awesome adventures to brag about.

So, do it? Just make sure you think of everything, EVERYTHING, as an adventure and the start of a great story, and you'll be fine. And then tell me about it. I'll bring the beer. <3

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On A Tidy Death

I'm so happy things turned out ok for you. I recently got rid of all my things and went off to live out of my car for a while, and OH MAN getting rid of all your stuff is stressful and awful and the best most exhilarating thing you can do to really feel close to the things you actually need and want in your life. Ad it's good for you. Eat your vegetables. <3

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On No-Costume Costumes

I love this THANK YOU

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On Scrollus Interruptus

@area@twitter Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Funny story, I locked my keys in my car and the tow truck driver asked me if I played WoW and we ended up talking for like 20 minutes about how hunters have been de-nerfed recently, and now there's combat-non-combat pets?! Like Pokemans?!

I just got a real job, which means real dollars to spend on frivolous things, like WoW. Maybe I will re-roll in a few months and join you in the slaughter. Horde for life!

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On Scrollus Interruptus

@area@twitter OMG I am having a swoon right now. Yes! I had a 60 Tauren hunter before the expansions and me and my Mazzer had an awesome time running around Azeroth! I stopped playing a bit after BC, and tried a few years ago to get back into it, but it just wasn't the same. I felt like such an old man, telling the young kids about how nerfed everything had gotten, back in my day we had to wait till *40* to get our mounts, and if you were Horde, you just died all the way across Stranglethorn Vale to get to the flight path and Booty Bay.

I would lovelovelove to play pre-expansion WoW again. I never got to do Onyxia or Zul Gurub or ANY of the cool dungeons! After the expansions no one really wanted to do them. And I'm a completeness nut.

I also need to do my nails again too, so in all seriousness, OMG HI FRIEND!!!!

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