On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

@TheBelleWitch Especially when it runs in concert with The Other Thing. Truly a smelly hell on earth.

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On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

@TARDIStime I'm in Aus! I was so jazzed when they announced they were making a series... then I watched about 15 minutes of it. While I agree that the wardrobe is deeply amazeballs, I just found it agonising. The writing. The acting. Oy vey!

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On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

As someone with chronic tummy trouble (coeliac FTW), I send my sincerest, electrolyte-filled condolences.

Being laid up with stomach issues is, however, what led me to discover the Phryne Fisher series of books, which are deliciously trashy and numerous. Excellent for both holidays and toilet days.

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

I must be in the stratospheres of cluckiness, because I read this, was HORRIFIED, clicked on a link to baby-swaddling and was immediately mollified. Tiny feet! Little cheeks! So snoozy! The thought of my dude being a dad warms the cockles of my ovaries, and I am filled with the warm-but-possibly-delusional belief that we can take on a newborn baby.

That said, this story is being sent to said dude immediately (and stuck on the fridge), so that when the time comes that I want to scratch his eyes out for not knowing how to sterilise a bottle, we will remember that it is okay... This too shall pass.

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

I shove my glasses up my nose with my pointer finger only, and can't do it without scrunching my nose. I also brush my fringe out of my face with what my BF calls 'baby hands' - i.e with the whole hand in a big, graceless smooshing motion across my face.

The BF, on the other hand, can't modulate his negative reactions to things. It's the same 'oh, fuck' reaction for a relative dying as it is for accidentally closing a Firefox tab. I find it bizarre and irritating, but adorable.

Edited to add that when we're snuggled on opposite ends of the couch, he kneads my leg with his feet like a cat. It kills me.

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@Clare Ah! I pronounce the the L in "Australia" (here, most people pronounce it "Ostraya"), and my friend pronounces tube "tyoob" (again, here most people pronounce it "choob"). Then people think we're British.

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@yourpretendfriend I do this. If I start running (like, to get to a train or something), I make car-revving noise. And if I flop down on a couch, I make a "flarp" sound. My favourite at the moment is a really high pitched "pachoo" noise when I jump down the stairs.

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On The Great Dessert Debate

@beanie Apps and 'zerts (™ Tom Haverford) are my favourite courses.

The BF and I have decided that since we are having a mini-wedding (small guest list, not-a-big-deal type event), then we shall also have mini food! Mini hamburgers, mini hotdogs, little cups of fries, mini quiches, and then cupcakes and tiny pies for dessert - you name it, we'll shrink it.

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On The Great Dessert Debate

@sevanetta Yay for delish gluten-free cupcakes! I make GF vanilla cupcakes that are so moist, dense and smothered in buttercream frosting that even my BF, who dislikes sweet foods and gluten-free foods equally, goes batshit insane for them.

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On Trans-Vaginal What Now?

@batgirl My first TV ultrasound (I have a uterus that likes to shed ALL its lining in one go, which tends to freak doctors out and make them order TV ultrasounds at every opportunity) was with a super dodgy dude who used a very old-fashioned wand with the finger bit of a latex glove over it.

He didn't warn me it was going in, then STOPPED in the middle of the ultrasound, rested the handle of the wand - WHICH WAS STILL INSIDE ME - down on the table and left the room. So I had a large ultrasound wand hanging out of my downstairs business, making a dint in the front of my pelvis for a good 10 minutes. He didn't even explain where he went.

I was 16 at the time and didn't know that this was not OK. It took me two years to agree to do another one - which was fine, and done by a lovely woman who walked me through every step and restored my faith in ultrasound techs. Thanks, Ultrasound Technician Lady!

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