On Girl Talk: Jake Muller

GIRL TALK IS BACK??!?!?! :O :D ^_^

Uh, I mean, yes! I am happy to hear this and not at all in an embarrassing way! *Cough!*

Whenever Resident Evil 6 is brought up, I am honor bound to post this video of Conan O'Brien playing it. It features much footage of Leon Scott Kennedy! He gives this series the thumbs up! Repeatedly and awkwardly!

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On "Maybe I needed to prove that I'm wife material. If he wanted 300 sandwiches, I’d give him 300 sandwiches"

@Megasus Julian Assange. But with a worse haircut.

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On Disney Princesses Dressed in the Style of the Year Their Movies Came Out

@Megasus Okay, this all makes sense now, then.

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On Do Not Pass Go

@ThatWench Oh, I think it's very similar to the whole "male anti-hero" saturation right now. "Serious" games are still ones in which you play a gruff, manly dude who kills lots of things in violent ways. See how "The Witcher" has become the most fashionable fantasy RPG series of the moment, with its Game of Thronesy tits-and-blood-and-ambiguous-morals. Oh, and its resolutely straight white male gruff protagonist. There are some good (and great) games like that, but the sameiness of it all just feels so oppressively boring sometimes.

Also, to you and @celeec4@twitter, do definitely play SR4 if you can! It is, for lack of a better word, joyful. At some point after the first game, they decided to stop being a serious GTA knockoff and got really silly. By SR4, they're basically saying "Hey, we're in a videogame! Let's do whatever the hell we want!" The writing is completely, stupidly absurd, and it knows it. It pokes fun at a ton of modern videogames (Mass Effect romances, teehee), and it also pokes fun at itself (at one point you even face off against the "default player" from SR1). Mind you, there's still some tiny vestiges of the problematic "pimps-n-hos" humor of the earlier games. But it's really overshadowed by a wonderfully silly and strangely progressive sense of inclusivity. Good article here on all that. Aaah I loved this game.

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On Do Not Pass Go


GTA V.1, where you can switch between kicking ass as Femshep (renegade), Chell, and Alyx Vance.

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On Do Not Pass Go

Ugh, I saw that interview with Houser yesterday morning, and couldn't stop rolling my eyes for the rest of the morning.

I feel like there's two separate reasons behind why gaming so rarely gives us decent female playable protagonists. One is the current dominance of genres that are traditionally male-focused - military shooters, open world crime games, etc. "We're appealing to men, so we'll have a man as our main character." "But it would be unreeaalliiiiistiiiic to have a female crime boss/pirate/mystical knight!" Because game developers are extremely lazy people, it's easy to just stick the same brown-haired white dude template in your game every single time. Men and men's interests are the perceived interests, so why risk their massive budgets on innovation and creativity? Sigh.

The other reason is a very deep form of misogyny which permeates society, which is that of "Women as the Other". Even more so than literature or film, gaming asks you to step into a narrative and *directly become someone.* For many men, the idea of directly identifying with a woman still seems very alien and uncomfortable. You can see this when men choose a female avatar in an RPG or MMO, and excuse it by saying "Haha, at least I'll be looking at an attractive butt for the next 40 hours haha I'm not gay haha." See also when the developers of the new Tomb Raider said that the player would want to "protect" Lara Croft. No be her. Protect her. Sigh.

Anywho, you all should play the new Saints Row IV instead. You have the option to be a lady. Of any race. Possibly transgendered. Possibly pansexual. Possibly bright blue. Also who is the president and who has super-powers. (Pff, who needs to steal cars when you can fly?) Also it is utterly hilarious and parodies Mass Effect and like a hundred other games and it's the best.

*Sits quietly and waits for Mirror's Edge 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition.*

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On The Dark Stories Behind Why the New York Times Website Went Dark Today

I thought David Brook's new project was "Common Sense": Gross Generalizations to Justify All Of Your Preconceptions about American Society.

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On We Did It!

@Biketastrophy THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION COMES WITH A TINY DUBSTEP GUN? Man, I am suddenly regretting my choice of digital download...

Of course, you could always save up your money for the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition and get a full-sized dupstep gun. Plus, you know, a Prius and a trip into space.

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On We Did It!

@iceberg Heheheheheheheeeehehheheh

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On We Did It!

@RK Fire Yeah, the series went from being a Grand Theft Auto ripoff, to a satire of GTA, to just saying "Fuck it! We're adding aliens and giving you superpowers!"

I actually haven't played Borderlands 2 yet! I am considering getting it on the Christmas Steam Sale, though. I've been looking for some decent co-op with my husband after Portal 2, and that might just be the thing! (If his aging computer can handle it...)

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