On Why Won't the Catholic Church Ordain Women?

I'm not Catholic, but I was a religion major in college and wrote my senior thesis about this because I was raised Episcopalian (with women priests) and was interested in the reasoning.

There are scriptural reasons, but like almost anything you can find passages to support both sides. And there are traditional reasons, but you can find evidence that women served as priests or something close to it in the very early days before the organized Church. And then there's the Pope, who is infallible.

In 2006, I think I predicted the Church would have to change this and/or the celibacy requirement soon or it would run out of new priests. So I think all the current male priests should go on strike, is what I'm saying. Start sometime important like Advent, and it will be changed by Christmas.

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On Selena, 'Selena,' and "Selenas"

@laluz uh, were you in my Spanish class? Those two and La Bamba were in heavy rotation.

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On Rejected TXT Wine Ideas

SIGTEMPOIGTCYFT Grenache/Syrah blend.

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On Research Is Greatest Research Ever Researched*

Is it a coincidence that two of the comments on the original article mention badminton as a normal form of exercise?

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