On Estate Jewelry: Millennial Octopi and The Perfect Handle for Your Parasol

@likethestore It says something of my lust for this ring that THREE times I read the price as if it was $2900.00. It was only on the fourth look that I saw the extra zero and noticed that there was no decimal point. Sigh.....

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@maybe partying will help Sick-ah-dah - and we have millions of the damn things!
Also orr -ange! Two syllables and pretty phonetic

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@iceberg And we would never say "soda" unless we meant just soda water. "soda" for soft drink gives you away as American.

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@karenb If we are talking about the seafood then we (in Eastern Australia) say skol-lop.
Also BUBBLER!!! What else would you call it? Water bubbles from it! And a fountain is a great big thing in a park!! Took me right back to primary school.
I love words!

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I just read through all the comments because I was sure someone else would have asked but no one has.
EARRINGS!!!!!!!!!!! OMG they are divine! Please tell me everything about them!
and congratulations as well. You both look so pleased to be married.

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On I Dreamed of Being a Plus-Sized J.C. Penney Catalog Model

@baked bean You are so right! I had sons. No one (but me) ever told them they were pretty (or not). They were smart, clever, interesting, funny etc etc. Girls, however, only hear that they are beautiful, lovely, gorgeous etc. ITS SO WRONG! It sets us up for a lifetime of judging ourselves by how we LOOK rather than by how smart, funny, interesting we are. And its not just a baby boomer thing. Look around you - pay attention to how people talk to babies and small children - this stuff is everywhere and its as prevalent as it ever was. Grrrrrrrrrr

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On Jokes

@Emby The stick joke has been my favourite for the last 5 years or so. Before that I had a different one
Q: What does a ball do when it stops rolling?
A: Looks round

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On Ask a Woman in a Wheelchair

@Rookie Yes I was pretty offended. I called him on it and he said "in an emergency we have to live in the real world".
As the mother of a person with a disability (and now a person with limited mobility myself) I can only hope that if there is a fire that the people around me (and my son) don't feel like he did or listen to his advice. Its truly astonishing what people feel they can justify in "the real world". Discrimination is alive and well in all its forms.

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On Ask a Woman in a Wheelchair

@Margot Harrington@twitter My son was born with a serious congenital disability. His mobility is quite limited and he can easily be written off as "other". We have always said he was a child (now a man) with a disability rather than a disabled child - not much difference really but it means something very different, especially in an educational setting.
My other son has smashed himself to bits on a motorcycle - 5 months later he is just about walking without sticks. He has now seen the limitations of the world his brother lives in - and words are definitely part of it. Someone (a stranger) asked him what had happened- he said it was a failed anal probe by aliens.I was so proud!

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On Ask a Woman in a Wheelchair

@Verity When I was at Art school in 2008 we had a fire drill and the fireman running it told us to "leave the disabled people behind as they can clog the stairwell".
I still cannot believe this actually happened.

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