On Depends What You Mean by "No"

I have massive hate for structure. So I pretty much love non-set hours jobs. Which, is why I am a freelance writer. Also, I like to play outside, so the tradish time schedy does not fill me with happiness. I was in academics and people can be super judgey about how much time you put in and how masochistic you are. I pretty much ignored that lameness. Because in my line of work, it's what you produce, not how much you work at it.

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On What, Me Buy?

@thebestjasmine I'm deadly tired of landlords. And their rules. You can do this, but you can't do this. You can have a fish, but not a cat. I own it? It's my space. After what feels like eons of renting - coastal California, hello! - I'd loooovvve to own a house, even a wee, half-falling down one.

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On What, Me Buy?

@Diana I'm right over here in Cali laughsobbing with you.

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On Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

@hairdresser on fire Ugh! What a super hard decision. I dropped out of a two-year graduate program, worked in marketing for a year, then got a PhD in a related, but different field from my first grad program. Now, I'm working in a yet another profession completely. Life, it's crazy.

The main reason I left the first program - aside from the Hate! - was that I didn't think it would lead anywhere I wanted to go. So, definitely think about what you could do with the degree you are getting - maybe look at what alumni of your program are doing, for example - and think about whether those jobs would make you happy.

Also, definitely consider the funding side of things. If you get funding, it's probably worth sticking it out. The degree could help you get a job down the road. It could also save you from having to explain to future employers (and everyone else you meet) why you quit. Which, isn't that bad? But can get tiresome.

If you don't get funding, that makes the decision to me somewhat easier - to go into debt for the degree, you'll really have to want the job at the other end. That's definitely why I quit my first program - I didn't want it badly enough to go into debt. But I finished my PhD because I managed to stay funded all the way through.

Now, I'm a freelance writer. So, right.

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