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On "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

@bitzyboozer I JUST GOT COLOURPOP FOR THE FIRST TIME AND THEY'RE ALL $5 AND ALSO I WAS AMAZED. like, $5 lipstick should not last all day, but somehow it does. Not v moisturizing tho.

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On True Summer

"You could call summers like this a colossal waste of time. But that’s what feels immortal about them—wasting time, colossally, as the gods must do."

yes that

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On Joan Didion on Woody Allen

"Not long ago I shared, for three nights, a hospital room with a young woman named Linda. I was being watched for appendicitis and was captive to Linda’s telephone conversations, which were constant. Linda had two problems, only one of which, her “relationship,” had her attention. Linda spoke constantly about this relationship, about her “needs,” about her “partner,” about the “quality of his nurturance,” about the “low frequency of his interaction.” Linda’s other problem, one which tried her patience because it was preventing her from working on her relationship, was acute and unexplained renal failure. “I’m not relating to this just now,” she said to her doctor when he tried to discuss continuing dialysis." oh my god yes.

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On In Praise of the Real Mary Poppins

this is interesting, but also just someone's final lit paper on Mary Poppons doing double duty as a Hairpin article. Quoting literary criticism? I'm onto you..

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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

@adriana ditto. IUDs are magic. The #1 form of birth control in the world, except the US.

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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

@sjöhäxa IUD! Talk to your doctor about it. Can last 5-6 years, requires absolutely zero effort from you, and progesterone-only, so not the very high risk of clots that comes with estrogen-based BC.

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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

@And then Katie said IUD! IUDs are progesterone-only, and the estrogen is where the blood clots come from. IUDs are gr-e-a-t <3

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On How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years

I worked in a herpes lab for three years and am now a med student (who actually got STD lectures today). Reading & writing scientific papers on herpes has given me a huge appreciation for the virus. It's co-evolved with us for at least 3 million years, mostly just hangs out not causing problems, and a huge part of the population has it.

It's also important to note that serologic tests are variable; serologic tests on the same person can show up negative and then positive at different times. My boss, who did herpes research for more than 30 years, was convinced that almost everyone had exposure to, and possibly infection with, both HSV-1 AND HSV-2, and that most people would never know it. It just hangs out in your body! You're going to be okay.

tl;dr after working in a herpes lab for 3 years, I do not think herpes is a big deal and most people have it anyway. Let's stop stigmatizing disease!

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On A Mournful Meditation On The State Of Being A Girlfriend

@Danzig! MAWWY ME WEBECCA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFWb7DG7zTc

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On Which Disney Princess Wedding Dress Speaks to You?

@lindsayb seriously!

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