On The Legend of the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

I mean, the science is fascinating but let's be real, who on earth eats hard boiled eggs?

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On Winter Survival: Almanzo Wilder’s Apple Pie

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In the books (idk about reality), Almanzo was caught between a rock and a hard place. He could sell his seed wheat to the town, thus saving their lives but hurting his own farm. Or he could save his seed wheat for the next planting, and have to watch the townsfolk starve. Buying other wheat meant he could avoid both bad prospects of watching the townsfolk starve or hurting his next harvest. I think Almanzo and Cap were very unselfish, in that they didn't make a single cent off of their dangerous journey.

But I do agree that Laura is weirdly hypocritical in her contrast of Almanzo and the other homesteader, neither of whom wanted to give up their wheat.

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On [A Joke About Things Not Rising]

Putting aside the larger issue, which is that the overall argument is so flimsy that Vargas-Cooper must have written this for click bait, who on earth would call the Brontes' novels bereft of sensation or unintelligible to teenagers? Wuthering Heights is so histrionic and wild--Vampire Diaries looks super tame comparatively!

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On Great Escapes from Women’s Prisons: A Brief History

Woah, Lopez and McIntosh, that story is cinematic as shit!

My personal favorite prison break: after refusing to give evidence against her lady (Sophie Dorothea, aka Electress of Hanover and mother of King George II), Eleonore Knesebeck was locked in Scharzfels Castle. Her family hired a man to break in through the roof, pull her out of her cell, and rappel together 80 feet down to safety. Upon discovering her escape, the commandant of the castle swore that Eleanore had been closely guarded, and that she must have been spirited away by magic. The very hole in the roof was proof that it had been the work of Satan, for no human could have made it.

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On Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

I absolutely thought the $250 bottle opener was a joke, but no! It is real! My worldview is shattered.

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On Who's the Squarest-Jawed of Them All?


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On Guess the Disney Movie

So 2 is Mulan, 3 is 100&1 Dalmations, 4 might be Bambi (never saw it), 5 is The Lion King, 6 is Beauty and the Beast...but what are the others?

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On Mattel Continues Being Mattel

@LurkiLoo Oh, cool! I was so busy mourning the loss of Samantha et al that I didn't even notice the advent of Caroline! Plus, anything that familiarizes people with the War of 1812 (which I too know basically nothing about) is a good thing.

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On Mattel Continues Being Mattel

@Mahoho I would share your blinding rage! Seriously though, as a kid, I had to stop playing with some friends because their idea of play was to torture and destroy our dolls. Which...no. That is not going to happen on my watch.

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On The Butcher, The Burgher, The Revolutionary

@quamquam vivit Interesting debate point about using random photographs! That said, the way I read the poem it didn't call the people in the photograph "Entitled, vapid, arrogantly strong;" instead, I read the poem as saying that (as the faces in the photograph demonstrate) privileged people *don't* have to be entitled, vapid, or arrogantly strong. If anything, I saw this poem as a compliment and a message of hope that income inequality does not necessarily equal poverty of spirit or imagination.

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