On Men Explain Cars To Me

Cars= because the Disney brand had princesses for girls and Pixar was trying to appeal to boys the same way until Disney acquired Marvel.

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On NFL Mascots, Ranked

Never thought I would see the day the Vikings ranked number one.

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On The Just Admit You're Pregnant Pie

@hallelujah although by pregnancy three they were so used to me throwing up in my trash can, I didn't even have to make an announcement. Then I got smart and stopped having babies

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On The Just Admit You're Pregnant Pie

@halleluja yes! to getting caught throwing up. My coworkers thought I was tryîng to work with the flu and kept telling me to go to the doctor because I wasn't getting better

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On Where Autism Meets Krautrock: How I Learned to Medicate with Sound

I have a son on the spectrum and loved reading this description.

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On Interview with My Mom, the Scientist

I remember hating the time my mom spent working to get her master's degree and now I feel like such a brat for complaining about making dinner while she was writing a thesis. I love how accepting your mom is of where you were in your life.

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On Industry Rule No. 4,080: You Don't Want to Date Don Draper

@sophia_h 100% agree. Roger is a shit, but he owns it. Don tries to pretend he is honorable and decent and , well, no.

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On An Interview With a Mom of Triplets

@iceberg to clarify, she said she thought having two kids less than two years apart was harder than twins, not that twins was harder than triplets.

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On An Interview With a Mom of Triplets

Loves this! I had three single babies in three years and I have always been curious how this compares to multiples. A friend with twins said my way was harder, but I am not sure I agree :)

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On Interview With a Virgin: Ben

I have enjoyed all of these interviews, but this one really hits home. I have a preschool son on the spectrum and I have often wondered what his adult relationships and dating experiences will be like. If he is as insightful and concerned about others as you appear to be, I will consider myself a lucky mom.

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