On An Interview with Porpentine, Maker of Mutant Feminist Cyber Games

As someone who's been playing with writing interactive fiction (yay Twine!!) I can't wait to stop working and read this in like an hour.

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On So Many New Books That We Can Be Like "It's On My List" About in 2014

@PomoFrannyGlass I'm really curious about why anti-MFA arguments get you into a rage!

I'm weirdly curious about the book, though -- there's not really *that* much of a gap between MFA programs and NYC publishing (says someone who works in non-NYC publishing). It's not like seeing "and attended MFA program X" is an uncommon thing in an author bio. Plus, like you said -- MFA programs *in* NYC...

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On What I've Been Up To

@polka dots vs stripes I am so glad I took a break to read the comments. Nelson-Atkins is amazing! I miss it. The Kemper Museum is contemporary art, if you're into that.

If you can, walk around the Country Club Plaza a bit, just to see it. It's an outdoor shopping plaza which sounds less than great, but it's lovely and the architecture is influenced by Seville. If you're there after Thanksgiving, it's also covered in lights!

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On Friday Open Thread

@zeytin Commenting in the hopes I remember to come back here and check this out later.

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On Friday Open Thread

@polka dots vs stripes I completely agree! The source of recommendations makes a huge difference, and the surprisingly difficult skill of knowing a: why you like the things you like and b: why someone is recommending the thing they're recommending.

Oh my gosh, hang on. Could you ask the writers of your favorite fic what they're reading lately?

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On Friday Open Thread

@A. Louise Personally, my favorite is to go to a pub that has outdoor or window seating and order whatever pumpkin beer is on tap and then they bring it in a glass with a sugared rim. Or maybe cinnamon sugared; it's been a while and I clearly need a reminder.

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On Friday Open Thread

So this is half shameless promotion and half just talking.

This week, a story I'm co-writing launched online! We're writing it in a Google doc so the public can read it and comment as we write. It's going to be a little bit scifi, but right now it feels more like action-adventure until Things Are Revealed.

Okay, maybe you want to read it? Go to SharedEpic.com. There's a link to the google doc, and a picture of the cover I threw together.


I want to say so much about how things have been going so far because it's fascinating! I don't normally write publicly -- as in people can see my cursor as I type. And the plotting/planning part of things is interesting because of the ways we're all pushing each other, not just out of comfort zones or anything, but to be aware of the things we fall back on when writing. (Like defaulting to (adjective) characters, which means I'm constantly asking "Does this yet-to-be-introduced character need to be male?" or straight, or white, or snarky, or whatever.)

Anyway, that's my obsession this week that's been distracting me from my day job. What about you?

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On Where Have All the Good Book Covers Gone?

@blue_canary Haha! Excellent link. Trend writers need remedial maths, and also to stop writing about trends. Maybe I just need to spot a trend piece faster so I can avoid them.

@karenb I legit had a discussion with someone once where they insisted that there was no bad music in the past, like in the 1960s/70s. None.

@Away Laughing Oh, that's a good point! I agree with that, but I wonder if it's partly because it's what we're used to. I wonder that with clothes and colors popular in eras that I don't find aesthetically appealing, too. Certain tastes win out in certain eras, and I don't mind the graphic design aesthetics that are trendy right now.

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On Friday Open Thread

@shart_attack I don't have a job opening, but what do you do?

I really just wanted to say, man, that's an annoying route. They keep cutting direct flights! But I noticed the KC airport has improved marginally. And also, the floor mosaics! (Note: I am from KC and have lived in Boston for five years.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@breccia Aaah yes, Night Vale makes me so happy that I had to stop listening to it because I didn't want to catch up. I'm perfectly sensible.

I actually did a gushing rec post on my tumblr last week, and I love that the NV fandom is on tumblr because it didn't take long for it to be my most reblogged/liked post. I love the love for the absurdity.

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