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Passion Fruit

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By aphrabean on Rich People Not Feeling It ("It" Being Empathy)

@Ophelia Just think of them as grass-fed.

Posted on October 7, 2013 at 1:51 pm 4

By P.J. Morse on Rich People Not Feeling It ("It" Being Empathy)

@hallelujah They must be delicious by this point, what with their organic diets.

Posted on October 7, 2013 at 12:26 pm 12

By CinnamonSwirls on Thank You So Much For Being With Me Tonight to Celebrate My Twenty-Five-And-Twelve-Month Birthday

Yeah, at 25 and 34 months, I've come to the realization that my quarter-life crisis didn't really end. It's just my life.

Posted on July 30, 2013 at 2:00 pm 8

By Laughable Walrus on Friday Open Thread

'PIN! Just wanted to update for the people who were curious about the couple-date I was going to go on...two weeks ago now? Sad to report that that adventure will have to wait for a while, buuut for a really nice reason!

While I was trying to coordinate that date, I ended up going out with a different OKC guy and holy shit you guys, I like him so much! It's only been a week since we actually met in person, which seems nuts, but we've gone out three times (one of which was a casual walk-in-the-park date that just kept going until we were hanging out on his porch until after midnight). I'm nervous about sharing too much information in case people I know read this, because it's still so new that I just want to protect it like a delicate baby bird, but I'm also so excited that I can't stop blabbering about him to everyone.

I'm just going to leave it at he's super funny/smart/attractive - like ridiculously so - and so sweet and thoughtful and feminist and UGH, everything good. So much so that I'm kind of a ball of flustered awkwardness every time I first see him and have to consciously try to calm down. He's also just so upfront about liking me that it keeps throwing me off, but in the best way possible. Good times for the Walrus, guys!

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By iceberg on A Very American Open Thread

@kristenpdx oh nooooo a month is not even close to long enough girl. how long were you together? it sounded very serious. give it wayyyyy more time, until you can look at him without regret or guilt, and he can look at you without wounded puppy eyes. Like don't even think about each other for like 6 months.

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By RNL on Just Your Average Barbie

@queenofbithynia No I'm sorry, I think you make a great point, but I think you're wrong. Barbies aren't JUST shiny homunculoid plastic on which to psychically project - their form matters. Of course it matters. Barbies aren't for playing mother/wife, they're for learning about being consumer sex objects. They are about shopping/blow jobs. Of course they are.

Little girls play far outside those boundaries, and we are glad of it. But to argue that their hyper-feminized form and hyper-consumer/fashion nature is irrelevant is specious. Their power lies in their huge breasts and desirable, unattainable form. Isn't that why classic tropes of childhood Barbie play are sex and sadism play? Because Barbies are about sex, and kids aren't dumb. They express the conflict they experience about sex and womanhood with their Barbies. They are already angry at bodies, and see women's (and men's) sexualized bodies as requiring punishment.

I think that kids, all kids, use toys in ways they are not intended, and that's great. But the form of Barbies matters.

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By Linette on A Very American Open Thread

@iceberg I just want to remind you that you are being incredibly brave right now.

The difference, I've found, between people whose flaws cause damage to those they care about and the people whose flaws stay pretty contained is that the former blame everyone else for their flaws. You make me angry. You are not doing that. You know what belongs to you and you want it to be different, you want to change, and that means you will succeed.

It's so much easier to hide. It's easier to pretend that it's everyone else's problem, and that you don't need to change anything, and that anyone who says otherwise is being mean to you. It's easy, but it's also cowardly. And I just want to remind you that while it is hard to change, it is also brave. You are so brave. And your kids are so lucky to have a mother like you.

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By blushingflower on "Women Behave in Ways They Find Sanctioned in Stories Written by Men"

@astauff What exactly is it that I'm supposed to wear [...] to be taken seriously and imagined as a complex human being?

A penis.

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By RNL on Friday Open Thread

@allthecorgiezzzz Just be less emotional about this super emotional thing! Be more rational about attacks to your self esteem and feeling of lovable-ness! What's so hard about THAT?

Internet hugs.

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By yeah-elle on Miss Manners Doesn’t Live Here

This was great. Really, thanks for sharing. More of this on The Hairpin, please.

Posted on May 9, 2013 at 2:25 pm 31