On The 10 Worst Nail Polish Names from Pure Ice

You have to admit, though, no DOES MEAN no. Also, I kind of want to read that book now.

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On 15 Books by Women to Read Now (or Very Soon): A Reading List

It would be nice if you guys could provide links in addition to Amazon.

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On An Important Internet Classic: 10 Pranks That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

I love this classic so much! Thanks for reminding me of its existence. Someone needs to take all of these tips and turn them into a charmingly illustrated story.

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On On the "Apartheid of Children's Literature"

I'm sure that there are lots of ways in which this is a problem, but I can say that in my experience, the worst is that it can make it really hard to find books that appeal to children who are reluctant readers. It's just so much easier to get someone to engage with a book or story that interests them personally. And it's also much easier to do well on standardized tests if you have strong reading comp skills, which are built by regular reading. The whole thing is just really gross. But I think part of the solution is publicizing writing by POC, even if it doesn't get published in book form. I think their are lots of teachers and tutors who'd be glad to use writing from blogs and other non-traditional sources if it meant their students might actually take an interest in it.

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On The Best Things You'll Ever Read About Hair Extensions and Medical Acting

The Julieanne Smolinski essay was indeed excellent. Thanks for recommending it!

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On For Emily M. Keeler, Who Interviewed the Prince of Pricks

@needsmoresalt Oh, I agree about the "hara kiri" part as well! Levy's piece does lay a lot bare, but it's more likely it'll be taught in literature classes (though maybe not Gilmour's) than it'll hurt her literary rep (except for that random "Mongolian AIDS" mention).

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On For Emily M. Keeler, Who Interviewed the Prince of Pricks

This is off topic, but Ariel Levy "almost became" a mother? She had a baby. It seems incorrect to say she isn't a mother just because her baby died. But I really liked this post otherwise!

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On The Importance of Gazing at the Day's First Light

@aphrabean Definitely not just you. The "girl talk" comment makes him seem like a controlling asshole. ALSO, while I admire her willingness to talk about her mental health, it I don't see how she's overcome her problems. That's fine, but I don't like that she and her bf feel they should be advising other people how to live. Spending all of your time "taking care" of yourself seems awfully depressing to me, honestly.

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On No Theoryheads Allowed: My 2000s & Wayne Koestenbaum

This book is the fucking best. I'm glad it's getting the attention it deserves.

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On What Happened at the VMAs? As Always, the Answer Is "Everything" and Also "Nothing"

@nina! I interpreted the article as being more about her performance overall. To me, it did seem racist. I was bothered by the fact that it appeared that she or whoever was in charge had chosen back up dancers that all had a similar skin color and build. It just seemed very much like using their particular physical characteristics as accessories, which is the same way I felt about Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls. And they were dressed as (dancing) bears! Aime Cesaire would not be amused, is my guess. I don't know. I hate to be so easily offended, but the whole thing made me uncomfortable.

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