On Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks

"getting so mad over a petty dispute during Catfish filming that he throws his iPhone hard enough to shatter its screen." Sometimes I worry that if I look at my iPhone too hard it'll shatter its screen (I know that's not the point of the story), so the real question is, did he throw the phone hard enough that it would've shattered its screen if it were made of anything stronger than finely spun sugar?

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On Jia on the Difference Between ALS and Ferguson

I'm sure it is true that many people care more about the ice bucket challenge than Ferguson, but my fb has been a nonstop horrornews show since Mike Brown was shot, and my city's national moment of silence fb page has actually done a great job of alerting its members to other protests, workshops, etc. I've found fb to be a great source of community activism, even though I'm very suspicious of fb the company.

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On Apologia

The term "stop-hitting-yourself feminism" is amazing and perfect, but I have a different opinion about women "over-apologizing": it is great and I love it. The problem is actually men under-apologizing. It's nice to soften the blow of criticism with an apology. It puts people at ease. There's no need to be brusque and unapologetic unless you're Rihanna.

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

I didn't know I knew what this song was! I started reading thinking I'd never heard it, but then when Jia quoted the refrain, I realized I have heard it but never actually LISTENED to it. Luckily for me, the refrain is now stuck in my head.

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On In Support of Debra Harrell, Jailed for Letting Her 9-Year-Old Play Unsupervised in the Park

A friend of mine posted a link to the story w/o any picture and I suspected that the mom would turn out to be a WOC. I would just be interested to know how often white parents behaving in a similar fashion get in any real trouble for this sort of thing. It's not that I think racism is the only issue here, but ...

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On Cool Book Review Bro

Rivka Galchen is a wonderful, entertaining writer. She deserves so much better :( Can the NYT just retract the entire review and print a new review, written by someone who's capable of actually reading the book they're assigned to critique?

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On It Takes 30 Seconds to Google "How Much THC First Time"

I started reading the Twitter responses and I had to stop because I couldn't stop laughing. I guess that's one of the dangers of jokes?

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On Tegan And Sara on "How It Got Better"

I think Sara's the one who says "I choose to be a visible minority..."

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On BLAH Magazine's Spring Issue: Let's Get Equi-Noxious

If this were a real magazine I would subscribe to it. Especially if y'all had one of those two-for-one subscription packages with Samantha Irby's Cosmo.

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On Coming Out at Work, An Introductory Queer Library, and Being "Queer Enough"

LW 1: The definition of lesbian is a woman who doesn't want to have sex with every single gross/lame dude who approaches her in a bar, according to various men I've encountered in bars. So I'm not sure that being out makes a difference here.

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