On Ask a Glutton: I Need to Trick Everyone Into Thinking I'm an Adult This Thanksgiving

i did thanksgiving this year (canadian) in my tiny apartment kitchen, and while it was only for two, and i roasted a chicken instead, my big trick was spreadsheets. i made a chart! put the time in 15 minute increments down the left, all the stuff you're making across the top, and then you can slot the steps for the things you're making in at the correct time, which will help you see if you have too many things at once, and need to start something sooner/later.

also, there will be things that are happy to be microwaved or roasted, that will save your sanity and space on your stovetop.

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On The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

i wonder... is this just a few steps from what is going on with japan, and the (simplification) generation of young men who literally do not even want to bother with women or relationships? promiscuity in japan is less socially acceptable, that may be the key difference. (the women also are pretty uninterested, as getting married is pretty much the deal knell of your career)

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On The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

i can't even handle how negative those comments are, holy crap.

never mind how disturbing it is that a bunch of dudes, who - and this is a generalisation, but - are probably not 10/10 themselves, seem to think that the only women who are worth pursuing are the "hot" ones. UGHJHGFKHYSGDRFGY. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

i have so much more to say, but it's all coming out I CAN'T EVEN BECAUSE RAGE

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On Friday Open Thread

@blueberry mary i would keep going on dates! as long as the making out is fun. if you weren't getting pants-feelings about the person, then maybe you'd be better friends. but i've found that guys like that - nice, enjoyable, pleasant - are sort of a slow burn toward heart-feelings, which (IMHO) is more sustainable than fireworks.

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On Friday Open Thread

@nevergiveaninch i agree, work pants are awful, i literally do not own a pair. skirts and dresses all the way! i like sheath dresses, solid colours or patterned or whatever, because you can throw a blazer on and look professional, but they're actually pretty comfy. that or funky blouses and pencil skirts, definitely my go-to. maybe opaque tights and belted sweater-dresses would be your style, with cute wedge booties if you don't need to wear pumps?

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On Friday Open Thread

@stroopwafel i have muted so many people. most of my facebook, at this point, is friends from college or family. i had to mute my aunt, who seems to think that if she doesn't repost every single jesus-related thing that she sees, He'll think she stopped believing in Him or something.
I have a friend who does daily/weekly "good things that happened today" posts, and those i like - because it's good to remember. but she toes the line, i think manages because she stays secular.

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On Friday Open Thread

@LacunaKale i will second the valerian - like @planforamiracle, sometimes my brain won't shut up when things are stressful. i have a valerian tea that i like - the routine of making tea, having a warm thing in your hands, and making myself settle and read something on paper or at least try to zone out, all in combo, does seem to help.

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On Interview with a Pagan Clergyman

@Oh, squiggles it is a thing, although i don't have any personal experience, i've just heard chatter and news blurbs, there's some movement toward this particularly in europe. look up "the sunday assembly", it's getting the most buzz.

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On Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by Not Letting Random Guys Get Credit for Your Work

Oh the comments at the Mother Jones article! Don't read them! Unless you want to rip into the dude who is all 'evolutionary biology means men have to one up and take credit for things they didn't do, it's in their genes!' UGH you are the problem, dude!!

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

the next time someone tells you, holier-than-thou, that you shouldn't eat anything your grandmother didn't eat, please point them in this direction. the '50s (when my grandmother was raising her kids) was the peak of awful and processed, IMHO. definitely not the point they'd want to make.

(my dad, who grew up in a fishing village, tells stories of the rich kids coming to school with white-bread-and-spam sandwiches, and the rural kids having home-made-bread-and-lobster sandwiches. oh, how things have changed.)

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