On Holiday Lights Found to Light Up People's Lives

I am putting my house on the list for people if they want to drive by and see.

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On Foods From Fiction: Turkish Delight & Raspberry Cordial

especially some of the older and more British ones, are filled with foods that the main characters find delicious but that most modern kids find hard even to picture.

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On The Baby-Sitters Club: Where Are They Now?

AHH! I LOVED BSC! I even got into them through Baby Sitters Club Little Sister. I owned practically ALL of them, then graduated to BSC, then Sweet Valley High, College, etc. I literally had every single book!!! I always wanted to be Claudia, duh… because she was Asian but also an artist.

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On Asking for a Raise: A Series of Conversations

I am working from my home as a online businessman. I am not a boss. :)

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