On So Many New Books That We Can Be Like "It's On My List" About in 2014

@Lucienne Well there are at least four of us.

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On The Hairpin Travel Series

Awesome! And congrats on the project, Edith. This is excellent timing as I'm leaving for Costa Rica in about three hours. I am looking forward to reading the first installment on the plane.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Aspiriationally Natalie Also replying to follow updates.

I hardly ever comment, but I love reading everyone who does. Can I still come?

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On Friday Open Thread

@tea for all Thanks so much! This is all really helpful. I'm not sure if we will make it to Manuel Antonio, only because I want to limit the amount of driving (more beach time). It sounds amazing though.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm planning a week long trip to Costa Rica in August. Anyone have recommendations on where to go/stay/eat in the Northwest regions (Guanacaste, Puntarenas & the Nicoya Peninsula)?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I'm also a victim of parade productivity kill. I thought I woud be all responsible grading papers this morning instead of going downtown. But as soon as I put on the live feed, no work got done.

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On This Is a Goodbye Post

@paper bag princess Yep! I love all of Nicole's work, but the book posts are the best. I am really hoping there will be lots of book stuff on her new site.

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On Breaking News Round-Up

@sophia_h I finally read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I read it almost immediately after finishing The Fault in Our Stars. I didn't hate Wallflower, but didn't love it either; mostly, I felt that the main character seemed really young and immature for his age (even with the eventual reveal of why) and that the story wasn't that engaging. In contrast, I really, really liked FIOS. I was worried that it would be too earnest and sappy. Instead it was hilarious, occasionally snarky, and totally engrossing.

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On But Who Reviews the Reviewers' Reviewer?

@rosaline I loved that NVC was so critical of Building Stories (and that she chose FIOS instead). The commentariat hated her review, but I found it funny and mostly true. It probably helped that I was familiar with her writing style from hairpin posts.

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On "Step," Vampire Weekend

@allofthewine Yes! The youtube one you posted above has made me a little less angry that it is currently 18 degrees, so thank you.

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