On Come Be Obsessed With Coming To America

The royal penis is clean, your highness

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On The Best Time “I” “Climbed” Kurt Cobain’s Fence

This encapsulated my youth. And making friends on The Palace.

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On Excerpt from Dumb #6

I'm going to Montreal for the first time in a couple weeks, so this was timely! And lovely!

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On The 50/50 "We Be Jammin" Tee: A Beloved Children's Fairy Tale

A little bit Toy Story, a little bit The Little Prince, a little bit Pinnochio maybe?

My mom totally had a We Be Jammin' shirt when I was a kid.

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On Bloodfeast: The "Ragwood" Sandwich

For the record, I make the Bloodfeast mac n' cheese on the reg now.

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On The Best Time I Took My Baby to the Emergency Room

My dad has a story about having done this to me as an infant, baby seat on the kitchen island and all, except I guess I fell forward, and was laughing when he picked me up. I think the top of the seat protected my head. Glad your girl was okay.

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On How I Became an Adult Backstreet Boys Fan

This was great. Also, I met 4 of the Backstreet Boys in college at some private radio concert that my mom won tickets to and gave to me (I think Kevin was the one that wasn't there?). I hugged Nick and took a photo with AJ. Probably the crowning achievement of my life.

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On Bloodfeast: “My Uterus Is Listening to the Cramps” Mac and Cheese

I made this last night due to riding the crimson wave. I didn't have any of the recommended cheeses, but I had parmesan, mozzarella, and sharp cheddar. I'd say that a pound of pasta was too much pasta for that amount of sauce to cover, so it ended up being not cheesy enough and slightly dry. The crunchy topping was so simple and delicious, though. My boyfriend ate like half the tray. I can't wait to make it again with the right proportions of pasta vs cheese sauce.

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On Two Victors

Holy. Shit.

Also crying at my desk. So sorry for your loss.

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On How to Live with an Ex in Five Simple Steps

Loved this. I was in this boat about 3 years ago. Broke up with a dude and he was destitute without me so he hung around my house for a couple months. He ended up moving in with a girl I work with (and her parents) immediately from my house. Shitty, and yet completely validating.

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