On New Old Wives' Tales

@Gulf of Finland Also true if you are sharing a twin room with a platonic male friend in a rented holiday home and have forgotten to pack both pyjamas and fresh underwear. A friend told me.

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On RIP, Richard Griffiths

I was lucky enough to see him with Danny DeVito in The Sunshine Boys last year. I have never seen an actor like him - so effortless!

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

@yeah-elle The ONLY reason I finished Cloud Atlas was because my friend and I had 2 books each and were spending a week on a train in Siberia in the Winter. And even then I considered learning Russian and asking around for books first.

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On I Dreamed of Being a Plus-Sized J.C. Penney Catalog Model

You know what makes me happy? This girl grew up to write for the Hairpin.

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On Answers to "What's That Thing on Your Baby's Head?"

@SlightlyOverboard Insert "under my left eye" instead of "on my right eyelid" and "mother" instead of "woman waxing my eyebrows". JESUS.

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On Being Tom Hanks

Ehm, I wish so badly that I was Tom Hanks in Big ... but that might be Monday morning in my non toy executive job speaking.

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On Friday Open Thread

@OwlOfDerision That is who I meant. You give AMAZING bitchface. In a good way.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emmanuelle Cunt Sing it sister ... but it sounds like you are doing really well then! Why not say all of that stuff the next time she asks what you've been doing? You may not have done it that day but you have or will be doing it - think of all the positive things as opposed to the that get you down. Also remember that it is completely acceptable to say that you were really tired and had a lazy day - I do, my friends do, my housemates do. I write this in my pj's while my housemate is watching trashy tv on the other sofa - this is our standard position.

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On Friday Open Thread

@EvilAuntiePeril I had thought if the investment account thing (one of my friends benefitted from one while we were in college and i was very jealous) but the problems are that I have 3 nephews (2 older) who I feel I would have to do that for, none of said nephews live in the same country as me so that causes issues, and I am pretty broke right now.

I'm not godmother and I know that we have tons of silver junk in my house that was given as christening gifts that no one ever looks at so I was hoping for something that he may like as a child but also later as an adult.

Thanks for the suggestions though!

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On Friday Open Thread

@EvilAuntiePeril @Shayna See I knew all that but how does one achieve the covered everything - which don't even start me on - without actually wearing a burka?

Also I was considering a trouser combo but don't a lot of them have issues with ladies in trousers? Or should I just bring a bag of options and change depending on the specific churches rules?

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