On Faux Feminism in Trademark Tweeds

Agree with everything as per usual!
my favourite part of the whole thing was when one of the new outlets here actually described the protest as "cute" then declaring Lagerfeld has done it again! This was all delivered by female newsreaders :-/

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On No Excuses: Responding To One-Handed Reviews

Can't agree more.
Jill scott posted that of the photos of her, one was a personal weight progress shot which she deleted. This is thing with the people who say "oh well they just shouldn't have taken it" We don't know why, or how , or when but it's nobody's business but theirs. There is no excuses for this.

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: My Best Friend's Wedding

I don't believe I was an adult at 28. legally of course but mentally I'm pretty sure I'm still not at 34 either. whoops!

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On Apologia

except for the Queer part this is all me. Though I don't think I was a brash child, the crying though, I learnt that mechanism early and now it just seems to get me into trouble. I once cried in front of my boss and that was one of my worst days because they weren't the ones doing me any harm, it was only because of the unfair amount of pressure I put on myself.
so well put, thank you!

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

HI Hayley! congratulations and welcome aboard.

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On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

@Sea Ermine I'm glad you were that person! They both can break down your hair eventually especially if not diluted properly. There are some better alternatives if you choose to go no 'poo
honey shampoo (http://empoweredsustenance.com/diy-honey-shampoo/) or castile soap. This can be followed by an Apple cider vinegar dilution (1-2 tablespoons to 1/2 cup of water)
The Apple cider vinegar solution should not leave a strong smell when dried.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Salt Cravings, Workout Food, and Things to Eat When I'm Stressed

I must have some weird body chemistry because I eat loads of salt and have never tested with high blood pressure or cholesterol. I am however a ceoliac which presents it's own nutrient leeching problems.

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

http://anneofgreengables.wikia.com/wiki/Gallery:Anne_of_Green_Gables all the covers everrrrr. Mine was the Australian 1987 version.


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On The Best Scones

You know scones aren't meant to be triangular nor hard, right? They look more like American Biscuits either round or square. This confused me greatly when I was living over there. ok.. just as long as you realise this. you should also brush milk over the top to create a lil soft crust.

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On The Mulholland Pie

Cooking Quinoa stove top stuffing obvi

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