On The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, and The Cool Gay Auntie

I know the point wasn't actually to give her books, but as a teen I loved Empress of the World by Sara Ryan.

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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

@juniper Just to let you know, 23 and me is actually in trouble for ducking regulation by the FDA. No one really knows what they're doing! They don't disclose their research, and they don't let anyone validate their methods! Be careful about what medical advice you take from them, because they are doing all the legal dodging they can to not be regulated. If you are worried about companies and regulation, worry about them.

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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

The FDA and pharmaceutical companies definitely can be very flawed, but the stuff I see in the media about science is just beyond belief. Full disclosure, I did not read this article, but I would have to see the original data to really make a decision.

I've been on the other side of the equation, the one working to do the studies and get things approved. And let me tell you, the process is massive and insane. The amount of work you have to do and data you must produce to get approved is truly enormous. Sometimes things slip through, and that's terrible, but it's just not true that the FDA is just skipping along ignoring the regulations they are supposed to enforce.

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On "A 20% increase in a county's pre-Civil War slave population means a 3% decrease in Democrat whites today"

...Because correlation definitely means causation...?

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On Bi Identification, Moving Out, and the Rhinestone-Encrusted Manicure

I want to print out the response to LW3 and paste it to people's faces.

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@SarahP Yes. I don't know how he can be convinced to get help, but he desperately needs it.

My mom stayed with my father for over 20 years. He has severe bipolar disorder, and kept going off his medication, routinely refusing to get help. Mental illnesses do often have a treatment, even if it's hard. Not getting help ruins families and relationships. I really hope that it won't ruin LW1's.

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On Ask a Med Student

@Emby I was a lifeguard for 3 years in Georgia, and you CAN be sued off duty. Because good Samaritan laws don't protect you if you have Red Cross certification. The assumption is that you are a trained professional, and therefore any mistakes on your part are negligence.

However, you cannot be sued for not stopping to help, unless you are in uniform and someone directly asks for help. If you leave after they request help, or after you begin helping, that is negligence. This might be different in other states, but those were the guidelines when I was working. (Granted, this was four years ago).

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On The Agonizing Ecstasies of Male Contraception

There are two issues that I wonder about when I hear about this. First of all, the patent law. I'm in a biotechnology class right now, and let me tell you- patent law is way more complicated than I ever thought. The applications are thousands of pages long, and have to be separately filed in each country. On this note, there have been issues with patents between India and the US. This could present problems in who could sell it here and who would support the patent application. Because the USDA would need loads of clinical trials and research before they allowed it to be marketed. This could cost millions, and a company isn't going to support it if there might be patent issues.

Also, I'd like to see the peer-reviewed papers. I don't think we can really assess the validity of the study before we see the sources.

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On Sexy Argh!

@sophia_h Thank you. I'm so tired of the fanfic hate. 90% of fanfic is crap, but so is 90% of everything else. I didn't really ever write it, but I was a big reader of fanfiction for a long time, and I still go back and read some of my favorite old stories. One of my favorite published authors (Sarah Rees Brennan) started out in fanfiction, and she's caught a lot of flack for that.

Also, you should definitely set up a recs blog. I love recs- free, well-written stories I don't have to hunt down? Awesome.

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On Treating and Sitting and Smoking and Talking

@Chesty LaRue My parents don't even pay for my tuition, rent, gas, or food. So from this POV, your gig looks pretty sweet. That doesn't mean that I hate you or think you're an awful "rich bitch," it just means that I have a different perspective.

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