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On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

@shalalas thank you for bringing this up! A lot of self-care rituals I read about do seem to require a purchase, be it a lipstick you want but might not wear often, a bottle of wine, a pedicure, etc. I'm a 24yo female working her first full time job post graduation and for a while there I was living at home (thank you, parents!) working multiple pt jobs just to make loan payments. It was a struggle to convince myself that I was worth that lipstick, which is a shitty mental attitude to have about yourself (I am in therapy, and it is helping!), but also was kind of a financial FACT. That's why I'm reallllly interested in that book list, because I can go to the library without exacerbating my financial anxieties. It would be really cool read interviews with some ladies who are also struggling to make ends meet in a basic way, and see what they do for self-care that doesn't strain an already difficult budget. Overall I'm excited to see how this series helps me find my weak self-care spots (besides, like, all of them) and learn from the ways other women are navigating their personal issues. It is so important to celebrate the small mental/emotional victories that make up lives and I like that the Hairpin is a continued source of this celebration.

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On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

I haven't finished reading this yet, only got through the intro, but I had to come down here right away to say I would be VERY interested in a self-care reading list. You mention Susan Sontag, Eartha Kitt, Ruth Asawa—all, and Jean Rhys. Do you think you could put together a list of books that helped you? I know this isn't what this column is really about about, but I would love some book recommendations.

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On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

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On The Best Time I Worked As a Cruise Ship Comedian

I rarely log in to comment, but this was so funny! I laughed at work, which I'm not even sure is allowed! Then I clicked over to your tumblr and that was also funny. Please write more things. I'm super glad you got to take a break from the soul-crushing anxiety of trying to live a creative life and enjoy what sounds like half vacation, half job! Wooo!

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Notting Hill

Oh my god how did I not realize I could become a Dr. of rom coms! Nothing has ever made me want to apply for grad school more. The paper I had the most fun writing in college was about The Notebook, which I had never seen prior to writing the paper, but then watched about 20? 25 times? Ok so maybe I only watched it about 8 times but then replayed that scene where he's planing the wood shirtless a few more times...for research! My favorite is probably Mystic Pizza. I love this series; it's everything I didn't know I needed from the Hairpin!

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