On Name That Book!

@MissChanandlerBong I'm only commenting to tell you how jealous I am of your name (please don't hate me for not being able to help with your book search!). That episode of Friends makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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On Name That Book!

@ironhoneybee I don't *think* so, but that also sounds amazing! The one I'm remembering definitely had kids as the protagonists. How many scarlet macaw books could there have possibly been?

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On Name That Book!

Oy, I have another one. It was a mystery, and the title had something to do with a scarlet macaw - maybe 'Something Something and the Case of the Scarlet Macaw'? Amazon seems to think there's a Nancy Drew book with scarlet macaw in the title, but I swear that's not it - is it possible there were other kid sleuths who were hunting for an exotic bird?

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On Name That Book!

@Leanne #1 sounds like "The Chocolate Touch". Be careful what you wish for, children!

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On Name That Book!

@keaton Astonishing. Thank you!

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On Name That Book!

@lucy snowe So I grew up in Los Angeles, where cold- and wet-weather apparel weren't really a thing. (I was woefully unprepared for college in the Midwest.) Is it possible to have a good time while wearing galoshes, or are they (and their wearer) always sad-looking?

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On Name That Book!

@SarahP YES. You all are awesome. I just went to Amazon and read an excerpt, and am creeped out all over again.

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On Name That Book!

@selyse I remember something similar - there was a golden bee, maybe, with ruby eyes, that the book's author had actually crafted and buried somewhere in the world. The book was a giant riddle, and the idea was that, if you figured it out, you could determine the coordinates and dig for the buried treasure. This has to be the same book, right?

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On Name That Book!

What is it about books with dolls that are possibly living? I'm remembering a girl who has to go live with her kooky aunts (or maybe mean aunts?), and she finds a man doll and a lady doll and maybe a baby doll and also a ceramic dog, and she can hear them talk, but her aunts naturally don't believe her. I remember it being sad.

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On An Imaginary Conversation With My Potential Child When I Tell Her About Hanukkah

@truelove I found it a bit off-putting too, and a lot of what you've said rings true for me. We are certainly the People of Self-Deprecation, and I very much believe that people need to express their identities in ways that feel right for them.

Maybe that's what explains my reaction. My Jewishness (yup, we're calling that a word) is a major part of my identity; I love tradition and ritual, especially because they call up strong emotions that are closely tied to my family and myself. I think this article struck a nerve because of how important this all is to me.

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