On A Relationship in Two Tiny Garments

I cannot tell the difference between a slip and a slip-dress. Also if the weather is ok to wear the slip-dress, why such a heavy jacket?

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On Girl, You Must Be...

"Girl, you must be a thoroughfare because you are a main road or public highway."

I may be having too much fun with this.

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On Girl, You Must Be...

@stuffisthings "Girl, you must be a placebo because you are roman Catholic Church The service or office of vespers for the dead."
I, what now?

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On Your Nice, Healing Echinacea Tablets May Be Merely "Powdered Rice and Weeds"

@commanderbanana It looks like most of the samples tested in the study were from Canada. From the journal article, "In our study, samples were collected in the greater Toronto area (GTA) in Canada, with several samples mailed from distributors in the USA. All products are available to consumers in both Canada and the USA."

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On The Hoarders Pie

I love throwing things away, but I still have a giant CD binder full of albums I ripped years ago. Why do I still have this thing? Am I worried I won't be able to find Nightranger's greatest hits when I need them? Also, did you know Nightranger had more than Sister Christian?

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On A Shot in the Dark: My Night with the Male Strippers at Hunk-O-Mania

We hired a stripper for my friend's bachelorette party. He wore a Batman costume (she loves Batman) and came out giggling to the Batman theme music. It was super awkward to be a non-drinker when he did the simulated sex dance with each of us. He was a very nice young man but afterwards my house smelled like Axe and body oil.

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On "Nipples on a C or D-cup can accelerate up to 45 mph in one second, faster than a Ferrari"

Two of the reasons I don't exercise! Also because I am lazy. I have a crazy supportive sports bra (Lynx sports bras are awesome and I highly recommend them!) that I wear playing games on the Xbox Kinect.

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On Carrie Got a Bad Rap: Beloved Literary Kids with Deadbeat or Absent Dads

@smartastic I think that bit was referring to the dead Dad.

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On Good Boyfriend, Bad Boyfriend: The Game

@iceberg Or the Phantom of the Opera.

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On Good Boyfriend, Bad Boyfriend: The Game

@Kirs Ah! In Keeping Mum he plays a sleazy tennis instructor/potential adultery partner to Kristen Scott Thomas who is married to Rowan Atkinson the vicar who is clueless but gets better. So does Rowan Atkinson ever play a bad boyfriend?

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