On Not Chasing Amy

@MalPal Amen sister. Someone I know had a boyfriend of three years who just stopped calling one day. Where do people come off doing this?

Also, I confess: I have been an Amy of (I'd like to think) less life-wrenching and bitchy sorts. It can be so tempting to just run away because... breaking up is really. fracking. hard to do!

Ok so, Hairpin. Girl. Where's the next article?!

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On The Scrotum of a Righteous Man

LOVE THIS STORY! Not quite as traumatizing, but this reminded me of the time I said "Nice tie, buddy" to a substitute teacher in elementary school... I was merely quoting some Tim Allen movie, but received a pretty scathing rebuke from the guy in front of the whole class. "I AM NOT YOUR BUDDY!" The guy actually raised his voice at me. Whatever happened to discretion? And I'm sorry, but what was he expecting wearing that tie with Scooby Doo on it? Asshole.

Moral of the story... it's funny the things we incorporate into our speech from random bits of tv and music... and how they get us into trouble!

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On Locks, Ships, and the Sexless Non-Marriage

@LastMinuteLulu My aunt gave me this advice when I was at a really critical part of my last relationship... She said it with tears in her eyes because I think she's always used it as a reason to justify the fact she's been married to my uncle for over 30 years... who, though we love him, really isn't a man worthy of her intelligence and wit.

Just a thought.

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On Lifetime Movie Titles: Real or Fake?

I stand corrected: #1 is actually "Too Young To Be A Dad" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Too_Young_to_Be_a_Dad

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On Lifetime Movie Titles: Real or Fake?

Ok come on. How could there NOT be about 5 titles just about teen pregnancy alone?

1. Father at 16 (I think this is real?)
2. Too Young To Be A Mom
3. The Pregnancy Pact (also real? factcheckers?)
4. Baby's Baby
5. She's Too Young (....real?)

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On The Booodseees

Made 'em!! Can't believe it actually, 'cause I never EVER bake. But they're pretty good! I imagine they'll probably be best hot outta the oven (aka: right now). To answer some questions above.... not too banana-y and they definitely have that taste (read: illusion) of healthiness while still tasting sweet what with a whole bag o' dark chocolate chips and brown sugar having 15 calories per teaspoon.

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