On Saving While You're Spending: Self-Care with Meredith Graves

Oh... no. Just no. This is completely, painfully pretentious.

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On A Review of a Sexy Naughty Sex Film

why are you going to make a film like this, that's supposed to be marketed to women, AND PUT NO DICK IN IT. I'll never understand this.

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On Working Girl

@Lisa Frank OH HELL NAW. Emmy Rossum is NO JOAN CUSACK. How 'bout Anna Kendrick?

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On The "Queerosphere," Letting Terrible Dog Owners Lie, And Smelly Business

@dancemeep YES to Poo-Pourri. Yes.

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On A Few of Their Favorite Things

Elan Gale
Mixing up hoaxes with incorrect seating
Presenting vodka and my dick for eating
My credibility hangs by a string
These are a few of my favorite things!

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

wow, it is really heartening when people respond to honesty.

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On Excerpts From My Feminist Reading of Gravity, Before I Have Seen it


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On Shame the Children

"Obviously, your worst nightmare as a parent would be your daughter showing off her body in inappropriate clothing"

Yes. The worst. Worst nightmare. Give me a car accident or leukemia ANY day, just no booty shorts puh-lease!

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On I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.

"Partly because I am a bit of a misogynist, I guess"
"Partly because I am a bit of a misogynist, I guess"
"Partly because I am a bit of a misogynist, I guess"


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On 10 Things My Yoga Instructor Said That Almost Made Me Quit Yoga

@Blushingflwr tell me how i can go to this class!

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