On Neurotica: The Bookstore

you're gonna fault "waldo emerson, comma ralph" and then call it "The Jabberwocky?"

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On "Boy, Are You.."

Had to Google "Myldol" and still came up with nothing. Google asked me if I meant "Mylol." Anyway, now I feel double-old.

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On Controversial Opinions Post: The Moisturizer I Don't Like

I work in TV a lot and a TON of makeup artists have used this on my face. I've never gotten around to buying any for myself. It is very rich, to be sure. But the name makes me think of "soft embryo." I am sure that's not the direct translation, but.

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On Saving While You're Spending: Self-Care with Meredith Graves

Oh... no. Just no. This is completely, painfully pretentious.

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On A Review of a Sexy Naughty Sex Film

why are you going to make a film like this, that's supposed to be marketed to women, AND PUT NO DICK IN IT. I'll never understand this.

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On Working Girl

@Lisa Frank OH HELL NAW. Emmy Rossum is NO JOAN CUSACK. How 'bout Anna Kendrick?

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On The "Queerosphere," Letting Terrible Dog Owners Lie, And Smelly Business

@dancemeep YES to Poo-Pourri. Yes.

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On A Few of Their Favorite Things

Elan Gale
Mixing up hoaxes with incorrect seating
Presenting vodka and my dick for eating
My credibility hangs by a string
These are a few of my favorite things!

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

wow, it is really heartening when people respond to honesty.

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On Excerpts From My Feminist Reading of Gravity, Before I Have Seen it


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