Spinach Party

Spinach Party

I am a girl with a boy's name. I cannot stop buying blue dresses. I can often be found hugging trees. I get to play with colors all day (I make it sound a lot more fun than it really is).

On Interview with My Mom, the Scientist

@smartipants I also lost my mother at 28. It will be one year ago this Thanksgiving. There are still so many "firsts" to get through, including my 29th birthday next week. I have no real point here except to say, yep this line also made me weep my eyes out.
And so did going to a yoga class last week with three new mothers who were sharing their birth stories. I don't have kids yet, neither does my sibling, and it just made me so sad to know that my mother never experienced being a grandmother. And I'll never get to share my possible birth story with her and have her share more memories and advice with me.
It mostly bothers me that I have such a terrible memory, I feel like I am forgetting lots of small details that stories that she had. And I wish I had something as concrete and recorded as this interview to refer back to.
Anyways, lovely interview!

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

Hoooooooooooooooly moly. Reading this this morning was extra terrifying as I entered the THIRTY-SEVENth day of no period. A period which I very very much wanted to come and expected to come around day 29-30.

I am writing this 30 minutes after finally getting it, thank the lord. But also- this was a great piece and I will keep it for future years when I cross my fingers that a test reads positive and not negative. I mean, that baby is pretty damn cute.

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On When to Put Up Lace Curtains

@RK Fire Ha! I loved reading everyone's descriptions, but when I got to yours I got a bit of a jolt, and have to ask: Are you me?

Also have to ask, which books to you re-read 2197834908 times?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Spinach Party Ugh, this reads so melodramatic, sorry. I'm just a feelings-robot right now. I don't know how to process this, I can't even imagine how my neighbors feel.

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On Friday Open Thread

This is the town next to my hometown. I still live only 30 or so miles away. My dad teaches at a school in my hometown and is still in lock down. A good family friend teaches there, but she is safe. I'm pretty sure my best friend from high school teaches there, but we have not been in close contact for a few years, and I have not seen any update about here safety. Everyone I know knows someone connected to Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary, including the family of a child who is still unaccounted for. This really sucks.

On an unrelated but equally shitty note: I gave my mom's eulogy and buried her two weeks ago, today.

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On A Video Response to the BIC for Her Pen

@Squareface ooooooooh, you may be right! I just visited Poets Walk for the first time right before the hurricane hit.

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On How Ya Been, Pin Pals?

@NorieY Ditto!

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On Step Up: Revolution: More Than the Sum of Its Dance-Movie Parts

@Anne Helen Petersen Works for me, thanks! That is sultry enough to satisfy me.

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On Step Up: Revolution: More Than the Sum of Its Dance-Movie Parts

@TheBelleWitch Agh, me too!

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On A Year of Living New Clothes-less-ly

@olivebee I'd like to think her way of cataloging the pieces helped her willpower. They aren't just photos pinned are saved in a folder to drool over, but there was the whole meditative process of creating and painting each piece. And in the end she sort of owns the item in her own way.

Like in cooking: If I throw some frozen thing in the microwave, it would consumed in a handful of minutes and I’d still be unsatisfied. But when I take the time to prepare a proper, slightly elaborate meal, I don’t feel quite to ravenous when it’s ready to eat.

If I could only just wait out the moments and strong desire for instant gratification, my mind would be clear and I can be a rational human again.

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