On Having the Best-Selling Cake and Eating the Review, Too: An Interview With Jennifer Weiner

It's too bad Ms. Weiner can't make her totally valid points without throwing shade at women writers of literary fiction. Yes, The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. is highly literary; the language is beautiful and special. But it's ALSO a page-turner with a tightly controlled plot. To imply otherwise is unfair.

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On The Aggressively Negative Review

I like vicious reviews, even of newbies and obscurities. I've often wishes that our book reviewing culture was more like England's. Meanness and honesty are so much more fun, and useful, than avoidance or "here's a book that was recently published and here's how it fits into literary culture" pieces.

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On The Aggressively Negative Review

@Kristen I agree that he's referencing the Franzen vs. Weiner debate, but I like what he's saying: let's condemn writers to the chick lit shelf not because they're writing about pregnancy and other lady biz, but because their prose sucks. That's a feminist argument, in my opinion.

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On He's a Weird National Treasure

Couldn't agree more with the Salon guy. Stephen King can't writer a decent sentence, and I've been amazed at all the praise heaped on him by legit publications recently.

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On Ask a Non-Monogamous Couple

ANML says, "I look back on my previous relationships and I can't believe how uncommunicative I was. It's like I had taken a Vow of Silence about my feelings. The only thing that mattered was getting along, avoiding conflict, never being high-maintenance or, God forbid, needy." I was the same way until I met my husband. We talk often and honestly about our relationship, and we're monogamous. I don't think monogamy and communication are mutually exclusive, or that open relationships necessarily lead to more or better communication.

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On Quiz: Are You Being Insane About Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Dresses?

Jane, congratulations!! How exciting! I went with BCBG for BM (barf) dresses, and everyone seemed happy. Unrelated: if you're still looking for a photographer, ours was a total dreamboat, extremely talented, and flew across the country for our wedding for $150 (she's in the Bay area): http://christinarichardsweddings.com/

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On How's It Going?

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'd love to see more stuff about breastfeeding and babies and being a mom. I'm not knocked up, but I hope to be soon, and I love reading Nicole's reports from the front.

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