Girl Talk: Sinclair

This one’s a little weird, I admit, but I’d appreciate it if you would kindly indulge me in a discussion of the merits of one Augustus Sinclair, Esquire. READ MORE

Girl Talk: Alistair

So. I had planned to save further BioWare love for later in the year after hittin’ Garrus in March, but then my sister-in-law-to-be played Dragon Age: Origins for the first time (first of five times in rapid succession, to be accurate) which made ME want to play Dragon Age again, and, well, it was inevitable. We have to talk about Alistair. Oooh yeah, we are SO going to talk about Alistair. READ MORE

G-Rated Gender-Bending With Sexy Sheik

Well excuuu-uuse me, princess, but you aren’t my choice for supreme Ocarina of Time crush. Nor is Link, Ganondorf with his power-hungry ginger villain steez, Ruto with her — uh — somewhat overbearing enthusiasm, or Impa with her (hopefully unused) bike shorts. Not those nutty nekkid Great Fairies, not Malon and her singing voice, not even Darunia and his sexy dance. Not even Nabooru, who I sort of wanted to be. Nope, Z. outdid herself and everyone else with her impenetrably incognito, absolutely in no way whatsoever recognizable disguise as her mysterious male alter ego, Sheik.  READ MORE

Women and Video Games: An Interview With Meagan Marie

Meagan Marie is the community and communications manager at Crystal Dynamics, where she's hard at work on the upcoming Tomb Raider installment. She's also worked at Game Informer magazine, and is a widely featured cosplayer and generally awesome person. READ MORE

Girl Talk: Garrus

When it comes to video game character crushes, BioWare dominates the field. I a.g.o.n.i.z.e.d. over which character to discuss first, because they’ve given us so many wonderful crushable characters (and not just romance option characters. Heeey, Canderous Ordo! Oh, and you too, Varric!). Thankfully, popular demand made the decision easy for me, and today we shall swoon over… READ MORE

Resident Evil: Sex

Video game character crushes. They are a thing. I prefer them to movie character crushes, because video game characters (most often) aren’t physically represented by pesky real people who might pop up in a tabloid and wreck the fantasy, AND you get to make them do whatever you want (to a certain extent). READ MORE

Thoughts I Had While Not Playing the Mass Effect 3 Demo

The Mass Effect 3 demo came out yesterday, but I was at work. READ MORE