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this is perfect you are perfect that last sentence is perfect thank youuu

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By RiuniteOnIce on Rihanna On My Mind: Chatting About the "Pour It Up" Video

I'm really glad other women found this video subversive. I usually have a visceral, knee-jerk reaction to the idea of strip clubs, and wanted to watch a video that had such bad reactions to it, expecting I too would hate it, but this video had me intrigued.

First off, as a follower of celebrity news, I knew before watching this that Rihanna goes to strip clubs, like, a lot. She's fascinated by them and has fun in them, and I think she may be bisexual.

So to watch this and realize in the middle of it that there were no men, made me think that it's an homage (like one of the interlocutors above says) to the athleticism and baddassery and sexiness of strippers. It's a fantasy representation of her experience of a kind of (obviously very problematic) form of female power.

If the strip club is a place that represents heteronormative gender relations under patriarchy in capitalist terms, Pour It Up asks what that space would be without men. The answer? A fantasy space where (as someone mentioned), Rihanna is both a customer and a stripper, a woman among women, featured as a queen, but also showing other strippers as athletic goddesses. She can revel in her narcissism here, admiring herself and other women. I mean, this video is pretty queer.

The strip club is figured as a fantasy space in a few ways. 1) Again, no men. Who are they performing for? Rihanna? Themselves? 2) All the water. Celebuzz's Gabrielle Chung describes the video as set in "the world's weirdest strip club" and "Strangely shot like it the camera lens was covered in a layer of algae." It's a fantasy space where water pours up, money is endlessly replenishable, and in a strange way, almost meaningless. Without men as part of the power circuit, there's room for an alternative world.

I think this video is also Rihanna's rebellious "I'll do what I want to" to detractors who complained about her reaction post Chris Brown assault and to her partying, etc. And it's a much more interesting response than Miley's.

Thanks for sharing the discussion.

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By Rubyinthedust on Rihanna On My Mind: Chatting About the "Pour It Up" Video

@Jennifer Culp agreed, I think most of what makes this video (and Miley's VMA performance for that matter) interesting is that it is overtly sexual and graphic but also veers toward the grotesque which does not in fact give the general population what they want or expect from a pop icon. It's not relying on their sexuality for the basis of their appeal, rather it's making people slightly uncomfortable. Very compelling, in my opinion.

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By mayonegg on Drinking Up and Sitting Down With the Men's Men at the Nashville Whiskey Festival

This is the first installment in a series about women and whiskey.
<3 <3 <3

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By stonefruit on Ask Baba Yaga: The Compilation

Baba Yaga, have a wonderful vacation! We will miss you in your absence and ponder your earlier dispatches and the wisdom therein.

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By Cat named Virtute on Ask Baba Yaga: The Compilation

I know there are a bunch of naysayers who aren't keen on these, but Emma and Jia, they are one of my favourite things (along with Jia's interviews!) about the current iteration of The Hairpin. I love how weird and cutting and apt they are, I love the idea of Baba Yaga as an advice giver, and I think it's awesome that you're making them accessible with a typed version now!

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By TheBourneApproximation on Girl Talk: Jake Muller

GIRL TALK IS BACK??!?!?! :O :D ^_^

Uh, I mean, yes! I am happy to hear this and not at all in an embarrassing way! *Cough!*

Whenever Resident Evil 6 is brought up, I am honor bound to post this video of Conan O'Brien playing it. It features much footage of Leon Scott Kennedy! He gives this series the thumbs up! Repeatedly and awkwardly!

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By celeec4@twitter on Girl Talk: Jake Muller

Haven't played RE6, but YES to Leon being one of my favorite hot videogame guys ever.

Just wanted to comment that I have missed this column so much and am SO SO glad to see it return. :DDD

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By youresmalltime on Girl Talk: Jake Muller

@Jennifer Culp I loved that toooo! WHY IS THIS GUY SO SNARKY AND FULL OF HIMSELF, MAKING BAD JOKES, WHO DOES THAT. Uuum look in a 2004 mirror, Leon.

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By Princess Slaya on Girl Talk: Jake Muller

I have never played any of the Resident Evil games. Which one should I start with?

UGHH why am I a day late?!??!?!

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