On Family Budget Items We Could Spend the $48,000 Value of an Oscar Gift Bag On

@stuffisthings I've been there, actually. The lizards are enormous and only slightly terrifying.

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On Famous People I Thought I Saw on the Street, But It Wasn’t Them at All

About a year before he died, a tiny but very loud Dennis Hopper was filming in the park where I was walking my friend's dog at six-thirty in the morning. There were lots of people associated w/ the production standing around the spot where the dog prefers to poop and I was thanked for picking up his poop by a very large transvestite in a Clintonesque pantsuit who went over and joined a picnic table of other transvestites. I don't very much like Dennis Hopper, but if that was his posse, I have some respect.

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On The "Chi-Tonw" of London 2012

Two stories:

One a woman I met whose husband got her name tattooed on his neck. Came home to show her only to be told that her name was Kathy with a K, not Cathy with a C.

The other is my friend's Virgin Mary tat with the indelible caption "The Imaculate conception."

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On Not Shaving

@Hello sweetie I am also a woman of Hispanic descent, but I have never really focused on hair removal. I figure it goes with the territory (and my mini-'stache is pura Frida). BUT I have known women who go the laser route and have loved it. So go for it I say.

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On Santa Fe: A Meeting

@adelemarie I'm in Abq and haven't ventured to Fanta Se in several years, I think.

I wonder what he meant, D.H. when he wrote "New Mexico liberated me from the present era of civilization."

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