On A Review of a Sexy Naughty Sex Film

OMG I'm gonna use that Pinot Grigio line for everything

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On How Do You Get Shit Done?

This is great! I am naturally the most unproductive person in the world (partly due to ADD), so I have a LOT of built-in systems to hoodwink myself into actually doing things.

One thing that has been useful is the Five Minute Hack, which I found on Lifehacker a while ago. The gist is, force yourself to do the task you've been putting off for just five minutes with no distractions. If you're still not into it by the end of the five minutes, you have permission to stop. Five minutes seems to be the magic number to get enough momentum to want to keep doing a certain task, but it's not so much of a commitment that it seems scary (which is what causes my procrastination).

The other thing which has made a WORLD of difference for me is the Pomodoro technique, which involves setting a timer for 25 minutes and working without distractions for that amount of time. You get a five minute break to check Twitter/get a snack/go to the bathroom, and repeat, with longer breaks every 4 cycles. Kanbanflow.com is a really helpful tool - you can organize your to do list and set a timer.

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On Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

Thank you so much for this. Just yesterday, something FANTASTIC and wonderful and completely unexpected happened (and yes, I guess it's pretty telling that I'm phrasing this as something "happening" to me and not an achievement). I spent the entire day fluctuating between extreme bliss and pride and trying to think of external factors that might have caused it. My logic was 1) this is a great thing, 2) great things like this don't happen to me, 3) this must be a mistake. The cognitive dissonance was just too much.

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On Thrift Store Wigs, Absolutely No Heart: The Brittany Murphy Story

Jeez, could they have chosen someone who looks less like her?? I went to watch the trailer and noticed that they 1) flash "BRITTANY MURPHY" across the screen as soon as possible, because there's no way in hell you'd know who it was about otherwise, and 2) avoid showing the lead actress's face as much as possible.

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On The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines

I was a little too young for Sassy during its heyday (which I regret - I know I would have absolutely loved it), but I LOVED YM. It was like my Rookie, back in the day.

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On Got Stains On My T-Shirt, And I'm The Biggest Flirt

Oh my God, I loved this album. It makes me think of a special time in my life when jelly bracelets were de rigeur and The Princess Diaries was my favorite movie.

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On Better Chipotle Cups

Conscious Uncuppling

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

1. My cat, who is currently being a pillow
2. Smoothies
3. Broad City (just finished the season...need more!)
4. My new cozy gray crop top sweater and floral skater skirt
5. Homemade shaved asparagus pizza (recipe from Smitten Kitchen)

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On The Yoga-Juice Continuum

Guilty. My recent purchase of a Vitamix, coupled with the fact that I subscribe to Tara Stiles's YouTube channel, places me pretty squarely in the boat pose category.

(But seriously...my Vitamix is the best thing ever.)

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On Friday Open Thread

I started watching The Returned this week (thanks Jia and AHP!) and it is SO HAUNTING and SO GOOD. Only two episodes in but I can't stop thinking about it!

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