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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

@The Lady of Shalott Thank you, lovely and intelligent person! Cool. Bummer about classychokers.com not yet existing yet though. @datalass, uh...gosh, she probably does have a small neck. She's a little slip of a thing.

@Reginal, thank you for that: always good to have Outkast weigh in.

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

Uh...I like this show, it is good. Unrelated question: do women still wear chokers? Are they like advertising that you're into bondage but sortof in a lame D&D way? Your opinion is valued!

(Also, if by chance women do still wear them, where does one buy them? Like, y'know, classy ones. ...Etsy?)

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On Drinking, Pets, and Babies


Now, back to listening to Beastie Boys until I fall asleep. Ah, MCA. I've been listening to your obnoxious voice since I was 12.

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On Drinking, Pets, and Babies

@Madame de Plumpadour It's not kind of awesome, it's super awesome. I would have been blind. It's an amazing gift. I'm aware that kidneys are more important, and corneas are details, but this donated cornea (and another one, in the other eye) has changed everything for me. I can see! It's kindof a big deal for my life. Thanks to your grandmother. It's not her cornea, but it's her idea.

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On Drinking, Pets, and Babies

@Xanthophyllippa They got some CRAZY drugs, man. I distinctly remember thinking, "This is pleasant. I'm having a nice time."

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On He Liked It, He Put a Ring on It, Now Go Talk to Him!

@jen325 See, and my knee-jerk reaction was to disagree with that. One is allowed friends that are just one's own, and it's okay to spend time alone with one's friends...right? Healthy, even! I guess I don't think there should be specific rules - thou must never be alone with a person of the opposite sex or whatever - just, y'know, make sure your judgment is on point?

Uh...it occurs to me that I should maybe mention that my current gf and my ex-wife were quite fond of each other, and the ex wasn't jealous about us sometimes hanging out without her. Stuff happens? Hrm. I'll say this:
1) There was no inappropriate behavior, talk or planning. The gf thought and still thinks the ex is a cool lady;
2) My ex and I mutually needed to get a divorce for unrelated reasons;
3) I can't say I was shocked that I ended up with this gf; I had a dim sense that if I ever found myself single she might not totally mind my giving her a ring.

I rewrote this post about thirty times because man, when you write it, it sounds a bit sketch, don't it? It is something I've had some angst over.

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On He Liked It, He Put a Ring on It, Now Go Talk to Him!

@terrific Excellent point. This is not a gender-specific issue.

And let's reiterate that it can totally be great! I have had great ladyfriends when married! I have great married ladyfriends now! Just, y'know, heads up is all.

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On Drinking, Pets, and Babies

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I can give your post a thumbs up because it's about me and I'm a narcissist, right?

They sewed a dead person's cornea onto my eyeball with a needle and thread while I was conscious. I can still see the stitches. Oh brave new world. But still...we were promised jetpacks.

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On He Liked It, He Put a Ring on It, Now Go Talk to Him!

I just stopped by here to count all the "CAREFUL WITH THAT SHIT" comments. And...yep.

(Not that I'm disagreeing with them. As a dude, I am aware that "All your male friends want to bang you" is a stereotype and not always true, and also that it is often true, and even more often sortof true some of the time, and even if he wouldn't actually bang you maybe he sortof wants to bang you, and maybe he would never do anything but deep down sometimes after drinks on the ride home he find himself thinking "Man, she's so cool and easy, and my wife and I are having an off week/year and IF..." and CAREFUL WITH THAT SHIT because some of us / our marriages are not as awesome as we wish we / they were.)

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On Drinking, Pets, and Babies

@Ellie That's a smart thing to say.

(But, as you pointed out...so frequently, that one thing is like "He's perfect except he murders people on weekends.")

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