On How to Cope With a Break-Up

@EggsErroneous I just had to re-listen to the job interview thing. "I mean, the parking lot *is* outside of the grocery store. I just want to clarify that."

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On How to Cope With a Break-Up

"Keep them scrolling" tag! Yes!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

I used to make those spinart things on an old record player! I wonder what happened to the record player (aside from being splattered in paint and marker ink).

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On Ask a Clumsy Person

I guess this would also work for cameras, for moments when you want to take a photo of birds in a fountain, and you take a step forward, not realizing that there is a sort of moat around the fountain, trip, and fall in the fountain with your camera? Hypothetically, of course.

(The day this happened, again hypothetically, "my friend" knew what to do with the camera, because my cousin had just spent the night drying her camera on that same trip after the cap fell off her water bottle inside her waterproof bag, turning it into a waterproof swimming pool for her things. We took out batteries and SD cards and dried the cameras on some towels on a space heater, because we hadn't been collecting silica bags. But now we will. Forever.)

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On The Mystery of the Barkley Marathon

@kickupdust I had the exact same reaction, and am in the exact same state of physical fitness. I think the part about needing to complete an essay to be allowed to enter makes it sound like something my brain thinks I am capable of. I can write, I have hiked - I want this! Let's just skip over the part where they call 60 miles a "fun run".

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On "Mayday! Mayday! Is this thing on?"

@Lucienne Was about to mention the same. Wouldn't want anyone not be able to safely land a plane due to a UK/US language inconsistency!

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On Letters to the Editor of This Preteen Magazine

@automaticdoor I'm afraid it's not the same Nanette. The Harvard page says she was a campaign consultant in 1974, and another Google result gave the WorldCat index for her name as both subject and author of books. She's listed as author of a politics book in 1973, which doesn't match with writing for preteen magazines in 1964. (Unless she did that in her twenties, maybe. Which, let's not judge...)

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On Letters to the Editor of This Preteen Magazine

@Eva@twitter (it wasn't v. interesting - but my next comment is!)

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On Letters to the Editor of This Preteen Magazine

(argh, accidentally deleted a comment.)

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On Don't Hire Me, Because I'm Beautiful

@MissMushkila Oh no! You could have said "travel is no problem" without referring to the hypothetical tons of kids (or lack thereof) you'd be leaving behind. (And "no kids" might *not* actually have been what they wanted to hear, because "no kids" means "might take maternity leave" to some people.)

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