By Megoon on Affection, Gift Returns, and Professors on Facebook

Can't you make yourself invisible to certain people on Facebook chat? As an Old, I never use it, but if you can that solves it.

But I disagree with the gift-giver advice. You tell your boyfriend, "I love it, but I've realized I'm not going to have a lot of opportunities to wear it. Do you mind if I exchange it for some work clothes instead?" Done. Spilling something on it on purpose is just dumb.

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By EggsErroneous on How to Cope With a Break-Up

@Eva@twitter YES YOU READ MY MIND...SCROLLING! I got so very very happy when I saw this post!

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By Megasus on Sex Diaries: The Results

Amazing! I did not do one, because it would have been sooooo boring.

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By itmakesmewonder on The Mystery of the Barkley Marathon

HA HA HA HA, 60 mile fun run, ha ha ha ha ha, oh my lord.

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By Lucienne on "Mayday! Mayday! Is this thing on?"

Cafetiere = French press.

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By WaityKatie on Letters to the Editor of This Preteen Magazine

@Eva@twitter UNLESS my intern-theory is correct and one of her friends put her name on a fake letter! I'm sticking with this.

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By Donovanesque on Don't Hire Me, Because I'm Beautiful

@Eva@twitter I would maybe believe you, except your picture is RIGHT THERE, beautiful.

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By WaityKatie on Don't Hire Me, Because I'm Beautiful

@cherrispryte That's silly. Everyone knows that people who send only a headshot rather than a full body shot ARE fat. Have you never done internet dating?

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By cornflowerblues on Don't Hire Me, Because I'm Beautiful

@feartie I also tend to look odd in photos, but several jobs have required a picture in the application. I'm really not sure why, unless it is some way to subtly ensure that hiring quotas are met (but then they ask M/F and race, so what they think I will lie?). Or maybe the quota is actually for hair color or fashion sense? (Employers, please, I will dye my hair and wear different clothes, if only I have money from your salary!)

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By feartie on Don't Hire Me, Because I'm Beautiful

@Eva@twitter I do that, but I thought it was sort of...I don't know, forward, egotistical, to put a mug shot in with the CV?

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