By Katie Walsh on The Best Time I Learned My Last Name Means Blow Job

One of my favorite stories from college was when we were freshman and some older guys came up to us at a party and said, "heh heh... isn't your last name Goodhead?" and you responded brilliantly, "no, it's GREAT." xoxo

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By elephony on The Best Time I Learned My Last Name Means Blow Job

A school friend of mine was (still is, I suppose) named Isaac Haverlick. Which is all well and good, but his father was named Dick Haverlick. He didn't go by Richard, or Rick, or Rich, he went by Dick. I never gathered up the courage to ask if he wore his name in defiance of the joke or in ignorance of it, but I've not really stopped wondering.

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By PistolPackinMama on "Penis, Penis, PENIS!": The Legend of Nancy Silberkleit


Are we talking prison rape? Or prison sex?

If rape this brief comment implies it's more a man's issue than a woman's (or at least gets the same kind of media reporting this sort of harassment case gets compared to others). And for sure, prisons are one environment in which men are more likely to be assaulted than others. For sure.

And yet. There is an And Yet here. That and yet is that it's not exclusively an issue affecting men. It's not an important issue only because it affects men and that we make that visible in our public discourse.

We know assault and rape of women in prisons is a serious issue if only because the federal law that makes it a felony for a prison staff member to engage in a sexual relationship with an offender stems from serious, systematic, abuse by staff of women incarcerated in the GA prison system.

Prison rape affects more men than women because many more men are incarcerated in the US than women. But in terms of prison percentages, the idea that there is a huge difference is questionable at best.

Not only that, but the And Yet, to me, about this article is *not* that Silberkleit was allegedly harassed and so her alleged harassment of others is relatable and therefore justifiable. The And Yet to me is that these sorts of work environments are as common as dirt. They can be headed by dudes who talk a really good game about social responsibility. AND YET the gigantic kerfuffle over one CEO's behavior is an exception to the rule example. Not one of the ones we stumble over every day in the workplace, where men in executive positions and the men under them in power do this every day all the time. And that women have developed systems to cope with and manage because bringing a lawsuit is, again, going to have questionable outcomes.

Why might that be, one wonders?

The fact that Silberkleit might have learned how to act she did by absorbing the acceptable standards of behavior around her is by the way. And it was foolish, since of course she couldn't get away with it. AND if it is true, it's wrong.

Unlike the case brought against Silberkleit, which I expect will do fuck all to make it easier for women to bring harassment charges against employers, the Georgia case HAS benefited men. The rules about staff-offender relationships applies in men's facilities, too, and is enforced.

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By bonymaroni on Mama Kreay

@Kira-Lynn@twitter What is wrong with "announced her first pregnancy?" Do you know how many pregnancies Kreayshawn has had? In any case, it's likely the first pregnancy she has announced, key word being "announced."

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on A Relationship in Two Tiny Garments

Peplum romper? No.


Just no.

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By crisisalert on Realistic ModCloth Descriptions

Haha my friend actually works for Modcloth and writes these descriptions! She usually tries to sneak in references to her favorite movies and TV shows.

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By pollypeachum on Realistic ModCloth Descriptions

My favorite review I've ever read on ModCloth was for a flower crown, and it went something like: "I thought it was pretty, but my boyfriend said I looked like Jesus."

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By rien à dire on How to Throw a Georgian-Era Christmas Party

Let us not forget that Christmas pudding can be made weeks or months in advance! Just hang it in a bag in your garage and regularly "feed" it with liquor to keep it moist (and prevent bacteria from building up). MmmMMMM!

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on How to Throw a Georgian-Era Christmas Party

For one delicacy, you must boil a pig’s head for 5-6 hours until the flesh is melted and then mold it into a fatty cake-y paste.

Well, of course head cheese sounds disgusting when you say it like that.

And also because of its name.

But it's delicious if you don't know about, well, if you don't think too hard about, oh nevermind, I'll eat yours if you don't want it.

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By Queen of Pickles on 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

Every once in a while I pop back over here to see if things are better - nope! Nope nope nopetopus.

I need a new online safe place.

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