On Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

@karenology apparently too much! in fact i'm going to go raid my cheese tray RIGHT NOW

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On Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

@Slutface Mine are very nice, until the inevitable mommy issues surface!

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On Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

Long hair checking in, can confirm I am not engaged.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant ah, but there is the rub - we used to cook together :( I hope someday to regain my appetite.

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On Friday Open Thread

What happened to this place? It is a ghost town compared to, like, a few months back when I last checked in an open thread.

Dear few remaining Hairpinners: at the start of this year I was crazy-in-love, and looking forward to new beginnings; this weekend sees me freshly dumped and newly traumatized. And I feel I had been doing so well before I met this guy, who apparently swooped into my life just to fuck with my mind? I am coping by drinking wine, doing taxes, and diagnosing my ex with various pages from the DSM-IV. I am aware that aside from the taxes, I probably need healthier preoccupations. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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On Friday Open Thread

@hahahaha, ja. yup I am, and as terrible as the weather is, I'm still jealous! good luck and kick ass, and hopefully there'll be some gap in this rain!

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On Friday Open Thread

@chevyvan thanks all. I just wish this race had been one weekend sooner - I wasn't sick, and we had such glorious weather!

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On Friday Open Thread

Dear Hairpin: I'm so very disappointed, because tomorrow is the half-marathon, and my cold from *last* weekend - instead of going away like I willed it to - is now in the process of moving into my lungs. I was going to run it anyway, because I'm stubborn and insane. But the doctor at the minute clinic talked some sense into me, and anyway it's cold and raining buckets outside! Now I am giving away my bib number to someone else and staying in. I wasn't doing it to beat any times (except for maybe the world record for slowest person who is technically considered running, ever?), but still...MEH.

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On Friday Open Thread

@upupandaway Hello, boat-mate! Dating sounds scary and exhausting. And I kind of like being single and not having to play mommy-girlfriend anymore. but...I miss having an instant-buddy to accompany me to concerts / bars / restaurant openings. Or laugh at stupid things that only we found funny. bleh.

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On The 10 Best Reviews of Crafting With Cat Hair

@AlexisCoe Nothing much to it. I taught overseas and she mailed a copy of this book to me, along with a card saying "Saw this and thought of you!" Then, like a mere four months later, I came back to the States and stopped by for a visit. After a pleasant catch-up chat, she said "hold on a sec, I saw this at the store and just HAD to get it for you," and then brings out ANOTHER copy of this cat-fur-knitting book thing. I think she genuinely meant well (she knows I like cats and also that I knit), but I guess I need to work on projecting an image that doesn't scream "crazy person who would knit a scarf out of cats"

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