On Friday Open Thread

@stonefruit Oh, thank you for bringing this up! I suspect that Soapwalla deodorant may be the culprit in some weird armpit stuff I've been having lately. Not an infection, I think (at least not yet), but I think it might have darkened a patch of skin? Like, for some reason, I just have one splotch of skin darker than all the rest, for no reason.


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On Friday Open Thread

I'm moving from the East Coast to the Midwest in ONE week! AHHHH. I've done smaller moves before but this one strikes me as major and overwhelming, a bit.

Any tips on how to pack things so that they don't get jostled and broken in a moving van that we're driving ourselves? How to handle normal but still unpleasant tension with the boyfriend that one is moving with? (Example: my philosophy has always been "more can fit in this box" and his seems to be "I'm closing this box bc I can't immediately think of what else to put in it").

I've been uncluttering and uncluttering, but I still have this pervasive sense that, furniture aside, so much of this truck is going to be MY SHIT. Why do I own so many random trinkets and so many beauty things and so much paperwork? Is it even worth trying to squeeze some dollars out of Craigslist sales, or should I just put it all on Freecycle and get it over with?

Seriously, any advice on maintaining sanity is welcome!

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On "Manhattan," Cat Power

@Beatrix Kiddo I've noticed the slut shaming, too, but I've found it really confusing. I feel like when the show began, the point was that Mindy was super clear about her sexual needs, just not always with great results. I don't know where along the way they decided to make her more prudish or unable to have casual relationships. That switch never made sense to me.

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On "Manhattan," Cat Power

@yeah-elle Lee Pace! You are redeemed.

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On "Manhattan," Cat Power

@yeah-elle Okay, so what with Messina and your (rightly) spirited defense of James McAvoy, I am realizing we have the exact same taste in celebrity man crushes. Awesome.

A test: Any love for Josh Charles or Mark Ruffalo?

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On "Manhattan," Cat Power

@Eliza Wharton ooh. Could you say more about this, please? I haven't picked up on the conservative social messages. Where/what are they!!

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On Friday Open Thread

@churlishgreen ooh, thanks! i'll definitely have a listen.

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On Name That Book!

@yeah-elle YES. Yes!!! This is totally right. (Just saw that Martin Sheen was in it--wth???)

Thank you!!

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On Name That Book!

@yeah-elle YES. Yes!!!!!! This is right. What is Martin Sheen doing in this movie??


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On Name That Book!

You'd think these very specific search words would help, but I've never been able to find a certain book of short stories about animals. I know it included a story in which someone owned a bulldog (or pug? I confuse the two), which got in a fight and one of his eyeball hanging out of his head by a tendon.

There was also a sort of love story, in which a man was unsuccessfully wooing this woman, up until her dog bit him (on the nose?). She applies iodine to his wound, and they bond over it.

Also, at some point, there's mention of either mongooses or pangolins. What is this????

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