By meetapossum on Mapping Manhattan: How 10 Women See the City

@juksie Another fun point is that NYC is not just Manhattan!

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By whizz_dumb on Friday Open Thread

@MollyculeTheory "The Bourbon of My Rye: A prep-school dropout finds herself hanging out with the wrong crowd, on the wrong side of the tracks. --A cautionary tale"

Redemption is good. So is Rittenhouse, plus 101 proof!

@par_parenthese are you talking about Rebel Yell? No, that's only $10 I think. But yes, TJ's is where I almost all my liquor. Sometimes it is ridiculous how many bottles of booze I am buying at one time, it always makes for good jokes with the cashier though.

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@martinipie A lot of times it's logistics -- if my ladyfriend proposed today, it would not spur a wedding planning frenzy because I'm graduating from law school, taking the bar exam (in California, which is a bitch and a half), and starting work at a law firm across the country from where I currently live. Like, starting in 6 weeks. Yeah, give me a year to settle into that ridiculous situation before I have to think about "hmmmm will I lose 15 pounds before I wear this big white dress all afternoon?" and making guest lists.

But why get engaged? Because that would be a public expression of our dedication to get married, and there would be a huge sense of permanence that comes with it.

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By cecil hungry on Friday Open Thread

@lookuplookup My boyfriend sleepwalks and sleeptalks when he gets drunk. HE'S ALSO REALLY CONDESCENDING. So far he has:
-tried to pee in my closet and, when I told him it was my closet, winked and said "Clever girl."
-Walked into my spare bedroom because "the garage openers need opened." I live in an apartment and do not have a garage. When I said, "WHAT????" he goes, very slowly, with hand motions, "the. OPENERS. need. OPENED." when I told him to go back to bed, he replied, "YOU go back to be and let me DO MY STUFF."
-He turned on the shower and climbed into bed with soaking wet hands. When I asked him why he turned on the shower, he carefully and slowly gave me an explanation of the difference between 12-hour and 24-hour clocks. (There's no clock in my bathroom.)
-He started shaking my laptop, telling me the radar was broken.

He has no memory of any of this.

I don't think it's a big deal but you can get him to a sleep clinic if it really bothers you.

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By Lisa Frank on Lizzy Caplan in 'Fashion Film'

@MollyculeTheory Meet you at the fountain!

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By LacunaKale on The Mother of Dragons Looks Into Day School Options

i hope that Grey Worm the nanny was informed of this.

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By Miss Maszkerádi on Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

I kind of suspect that wearing a fanny pack might make one MORE susceptible to pickpockets? I mean, who besides tourists in a foreign land ever wears a fanny pack?

I imagine that a pickpocket would more quickly target the obvious tourist (most extreme form: khaki safari shorts, Planet Hollywood t-shirt, camera on string around neck, sunglasses on string around neck, some sort of giant clompy shoes - I stereotype, but I have seen variations on this exact look more times than I can count) over someone who looks like she could be a local. As for the purse, mine does sit at my waist/hip, i saw some people upthread warning against that but what I do in pickpockety locations (Wenceslas Square I'm looking at you, goddamnit) is hold onto the front strap so I'm kind of resting my arm across the top of the bag like it's a nice portable armrest. If a pickpocket could manage sneak his thieving little hands around MY arm, unzip my purse, and fish out my wallet without me noticing - well, hats off to the bastard.

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By sorry your heinous on Ask Someone Who Recently Traveled Around Ireland

Jots down "ideally a trip would consist of some nights in one place and others in another" in margin of Lonely Planet travel guide.

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By stuffisthings on More Effective Even Than Mathnet

@frigwiggin If you were a math person, though, you could read papers entitled "BAD PUN" COLON "INCOMPREHENSIBLE ADJECTIVE NOUNS" IN N-DIMENSIONAL "19TH CENTURY MATHEMATICIAN" SPACE

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By parallel-lines on Braids for Days

You thick haired bitches are lucky because when you make braids they look awesome. I just have some scrawny little coolio-looking things coming off my head.

I do a lot of milkmaid braids when I have dirty hair/am lazy. The only problem with braids is when it gets crazy humid the tiny little hairs not in the braid like to go bananas and you suddenly get the worst of both worlds.

Call me when it's the summer of greasy root, limp with slightly curled ends hair. I'm ready.

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