On A Millennial Revenge Fantasy

Oh man, the Presidential Fitness Test? Nailed it.

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On Characters In Literotica Stories Who Are Cumin

omg omg omg. this is amazing!

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On My History of Being Fat

@Cat named Virtute - I'd also add that she frames her ongoing commitment to being "thinner" as a health choice which she supports with the BMI chart. Even as she works through the idea of fatness as a morality issues - maybe not totally successfully but whatever - she's reasserting a different code of health as morality. It would have made a huge difference if she'd said that the reason she remains committed to eating well and exercising (as well as quitting smoking and drugs) because those things are healthier - and for her, they equal a smaller body size. It's a small distinction but it makes a world of difference.

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

Did I hear a call for Bare Minerals Flawless Definition mascara yet? It pretty much rocks my world.

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On Down to You

"I secretly worry that all I really want to do is watch Doctor Who and lie on my couch re-reading YA fiction."

This is all I want to do. Seriously. I was all yes, Dr. Who BUT ALSO REREADING YA!!!

(longtime lurker, brought into comments solely because of this).

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