By mollyb on The Truth About Your Smile

@annejumps@twitter Oh yeah, you totally have to floss before brushing-- flossing after brushing dislodges plaque but it doesn't remove it unless you brush again or swish your mouth vigorously with some kind of liquid (water, mouthwash, etc). As for breakfast, I brush about a half hour after I eat, but admittedly I don't have that "morning mouth grossness" that I know a lot of people experience. I also try to drink a cup of water first thing when I wake up because that's really good for metabolism, so any A.M. mouth dryness I might have goes away because of that.

The big thing is that after you eat you want to remove any traces of food that can linger on the teeth for next few hours and build plaque. So even if you just rinse your mouth out, that's better than doing nothing.

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Leftover Woman

"one show features a dreadlocked young Chinese man whose name is iPad."

Please tell me more.

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By idrathernot on Leftover Woman

@mauritia It's definitely depressing. But I don't think that's the fault of this author, or any women who are only "discussing the tired old topic of running out of time to find a man" because of how society has ingrained this kind of pressure into them with terms like "leftover women."

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By Lizzie_Lix on Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

Hm, this is the second recap that misidentifies Megan's *agent*-- he's not a producer, he's an agent.

And I agree, blow-by-blow recaps are necessary to no one. I'm interested in interpretation and analysis.

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By lucy snowe on What I've Learned From My Side Job Critiquing Dick Pics

I remember after the Weiner scandal, there was so much talk about how no woman wants to receive a dick pick. I just didn't understand it. Not that I'd enjoy getting an unsolicited one from a stranger, but the happy few I've received were... well-received. Why not? It's sexy. It's nice. Why aren't women expected to have a visually stimulated sex drive? We're still people. With eyeballs and groins.

That being said, yes, backgrounds can be distracting. I think I inadvertently insulted a guy asking what the book on his coffee table was. Hey, it just means I kept looking after the first impression!

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Lucy's Conquests

I love my cats more than anything on this Earth but they have never brought me within ten feet of Jon Hamm. I guess this will continue to happen until I start to walk them.

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By LaLoba on Lucy's Conquests

@frenz.lo Who is the good girl? Is it she?

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By frenz.lo on Lucy's Conquests

Is she a good girl, though?

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By R&RKD on The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense

Well, if the eyeball-haver is me, a fairly speedy fade-to-black.

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By Jennifer Hargis@facebook on The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense

You made your own empowering choice. I doubt seriously that what you endured could be called tolerating it. I completely understand your point of view. During my assault I felt the best thing to do was make sure I lived and he was caught. I had no opportunity to take control during the assault itself because I was asleep in my home when it began, however, I protected myself from the nightmare of seeing his face in my dreams by never looking at him, and I took control by feigning sympathy and engaging him in conversation. He left in tears, but not by my physicality. It was my "compassion" and his own guilt that made him cry. That is what worked for me with that man. It may not work for me again.

The thing about feeling empowered is that you are more able to keep thinking. That's what keeps you alive. The fact that you remember that you had choices shows that you were thinking. You are clearly a strong woman.

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