On The Miseducation of Marie Antoinette

The image which we still think of as being "Marie Antoinette" is largely nothing but anti-royal propaganda, which was extremely sexist. She did the best she could in a difficult situation.

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On "The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie"

Very interesting, thanks.

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On Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

@Lizzie_Lix I thought he was her agent too -- and I figured Don's "I'm not worried" reply was an amused nod to the agent being gay as all get out.

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On Lucy's Conquests

Great piece.

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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

@harebell I accidentally deleted, dang. Anyway I'm heterozygous for Factor V; I was already having different problems with Ortho Tri-Cyclen and didn't really mind going off it onto a lower-dose, differently made pill. I did see a specialist who felt that a decade of being on OTC with no signs of a clot meant I was fine, but it is of course still good to know about the disorder, and it brought it to my family's attention in case they had it....

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On Writer's Block Soup

@PrimordialToothpaste Thank you for this blog.

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On Which of the "Three Personality Regions" in America Fits You Best?

I, a native Georgian, have been told by coworkers that because I don't beat around the bush or go out of my way to schmooze, I'm an honorary Northerner (they say it's a compliment).

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On Remembering the Alice Series

Good lord, I had no idea there were 27 books. I read one or two. I definitely remember the kiss on the swing, because I felt self-conscious considering *my* first kiss and dating activities were nowhere near seventh grade.

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On Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by Not Letting Random Guys Get Credit for Your Work

@Mae Once it was found it could command high salaries....

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

Aw, my mother puts mayo (actual mayo) in pear halves and tops them with shredded cheese, sometimes on lettuce leaves and with Maraschino cherries and sometimes not. It's not bad, I swear.


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