On 10 Years, Actually: Billy & Joe, Juliet & Mark

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose DIDO. They're meant to be.

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On Diana Nyad, Ryan Lochte, and Richard Simmons Walk Into a Bar

Is it just a coincidence that her name is a homonym for Naiad? I am such a nerd.

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@hotdog Lentils are my JAM. I usually don't soak them, but they'll cook faster if you do. So if it's something you can remember in the morning, dinner will be ready sooner! My favorite method is to chop up like a quarter of an onion and sautee it in butter or olive oil with salt, pepper, and cumin. Then I just put in the lentils and a bunch of water, add some more salt, and boil away with the lid half-on. If all the water boils off before the lentils are the right texture, I just put in some more. If they're too wet, you can take the lid off and turn up the heat a little to boil some water off.

Chopped tomatoes (canned or fresh) are a delicious addition right at the end. You can also boil pasta right in the lentils--just use a little extra water, and the pasta will pick up the delicious lentil flavor. You can throw in any vegetables you've got, really--sweet potatoes are especially good, and you can wilt spinach or arugula by putting in the bottom of the bowl, under your tasty hot lentils.

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On Qreamed Quorn

@Mary Mouse Here is the thing, I am vegetarian partly because meat grosses me out, so I never want people to make fake meat for me. Boca, no thank you. I would like some quinoa, yes, that would be nice.

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On A Chat With Zoe Lister-Jones

gaahh! She is the coolest!!

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On Farewell, Ray Bradbury

@OxfordComma We read it in my seventh grade English class, and it always haunted me and I never could remember who had written it or what it was called. Oh, it's devastating, but also lovely and quiet somehow.

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On 'Pinners Unite for Good!

oh my goodness The Food Project does amazing work in the Boston area. It's a non-profit that works with youth in sustainable agriculture agriculture to foster social change. Basically, they hire kinds from the inner city and the suburbs to work on farmland in Lincoln and Roxbury for the summer. The food they produce goes to CSAs, local restaurants, and (best of all) a farmer's market in the inner city that takes food stamps and WIC, and provides fresh, sustainable, affordable produce in an area that doesn't have proper grocery stores. And they do so much to educate the kids about social justice and food and just being kind to each other and to themselves. I worked there the summer I was fifteen, and it changed my life. I can't say enough about how wonderful it is. If you live around Boston and want to get your hands dirty, they're always looking for volunteers to come help out in the fields and see what it's like, and they host community lunches every week where the kids cook with a local chef--it's so great, go learn about it, it's beautiful.

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On Which Fascinator is the Prettiest?

oh my god is that actually, actually a bird?? http://www.amazon.com/Shes-Wearing-Dead-Bird-Head/dp/0786811641 Feminism and environmentalism! I loved this book as a kid.

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On "How Will You Enjoy Yours? Playhouse | Sauna | Reading Nook | Bus Stop"

@area@twitter Can I come with you??? I will bring the cucumbers.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Let's All Make... Our Beds

When I was little, we had a futon that was the living room couch/guest bed. Every once in a while my dad would take the futon off the frame and my sister and I would treat it like a trampoline. It was the best! I never occurred to me until now that maybe my parents had an ulterior motive.

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