HELLO. I am a derisive owl, as well as a PhD-er in art history. Sometimes I like to stay up late and eat pickles. I ALSO HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR CAPS LOCK.

On This Is What a Swamp Booger Looks Like


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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy I did! So... not everyone is crazy, I guess?

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee It's not available here! Shame, it looks good!

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On Friday Open Thread

ALSO - can anyone recommend me a good tinted moisturiser with SPF? Ideally a brand available in the UK. My favourite Kiehl's tm has been discontinued and replaced with a BB cream that costs more, for about a third of the product volume/capacity. Pfft.

I know the Laura Mercier one is supposed to be amazeballs but that's kinda beyond the upper end of my price range. It doesn't have to be super-cheap, but good value (cuz I use it every day).

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On Friday Open Thread

You guys. I'm in London, and this attack... I can't even.


I don't know whether to be depressed by all the moronic racists bitching about 'teh Muzlims' or happy that *most* people in my circles seem to be reasonable, peaceful and anti-racist.

So far, 2013 can go stick a pineapple up its arse as far as world events are concerned.

(In happier news, I have a date with a cute Irish-Canadian dude this weekend, which is squee-worthy. Life goes on, good and bad, I guess).

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On The Original Swiss Army Knife

This makes me think of Schmidt and Nick's RealApps! prototype.

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On Paint Me Like One of Your Close Female Friends

@hallelujah Laughing alone with salad, sexily.

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On Hey, Brother.


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On Friday Open Thread

@tealily Thanks!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Tragically Ludicrous ED BALLS

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