On An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

@iceberg Yes, and how does that even work assuming that you have a joint budget as a couple/family?

@TheclaAndTheSeals Labeling it like that is indeed awful, maybe the difference is that it should not be something that should be crossed off a checklist.

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On America's Next Top Worst Room

@City_Dater I'd say NYC is still worse - at least the Boston realtors I dealt with were not quite as bad, and I did not encounter a "Make 40x the monthly rent as yearly income" requirement.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahP This happened to me, with orange juice, and my laptop kept working for a few years after. I had to replace the keyboard because of the stickiness (which wouldn't work with a Mac), which was not even that difficult! Good luck!

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

@Apocalypstick I think you can, but it will taste awful.

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On Nuts, Olive Oil, Heart Disease

@hyaluronan Often "imported Italian" is turns out to be Spanish olive oil that gets (re-)packaged in Italy and then sold. Spain produces more olive oil than Italy. Buying cheaper olive oil should work, if you stick to cold-pressed. Price is not always closely related to quality if marketing is involved.

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On Crafting With Restrictions

@fondue with cheddar Maybe it's a cultural thing, and it does sound different in English (also has 'Asp' and 'ick'? There are certain aspic things I like eating - being from Northeast Europe - but others not. And my mom thinks it is pretty gross and jiggly.

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On Crafting With Restrictions

@fondue with cheddar But that's only one version of aspic (and it does not look very tasty indeed). I think it's really hard to prepare, not sure if I'd attempt to make it myself.

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On Superbowl Monday

@Countess Maritza I'd try amazon and ebay, they offer a larger range of sizes, although 30C/D is quite hard to find. H&M makes 32 bands that fit tighter than the usual ones, so if you are lucky that might fit. Also, if you are going down a band size, the cup usually goes up, so you could also be looking at 30D. Have you measured your underbust/bust?

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On Crafting With Restrictions

@leon s Aspic things are not gross meat jello! Aspic tastes only slightly sweet, and made in many different ways. It can be delicious - especially made with the meat from the head of a pig. Or made with pickled vegetables.

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On Friday Open Thread

@bitchycrosstownexpress It's kind of sweet, if odd. It's interesting how a different climate affects how things are dealt with. I read a blog by a lady living in Dubai, and they had a cold spell recently with temperatures in the 40Fs. Everyone got PSAs about staying warm, not eating ice cream, and they close the schools for "rain days".

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