On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

So many great recipes already!! Thank you everyone for the contributions, I will not only make one, two or seven of these for our Christmas dinner but I'm going to make them just for me. And maybe share. Maybe.

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On They Rhyme With "Stones"

But the recipe for British scones looks just like an American biscuit. I'm not saying the super-butter southern-style, but a drop biscuit. And I'm not saying "biscuit" in the British "cookie" way. I mean OUR definition of biscuit.

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On Are You Sure You Know How to Wash Your Face?

@Jane Marie The obvious solution is for you to make a video of yourself so we can figure out what we're doing wrong. In everything.

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

Hey, person who took the photo in Carrboro on the Weaver Street Market lawn (The Beehive pink awning in the background)! I live here too!

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On Someone Please Tell Me What to Do With This Rutabaga

ONE MORE: Kale chips. Make a saltwater solution, put it in a spray bottle. Cut up your kale into chip-ish-sized pieces, spray them on both sides with your salt solution, and bake them in an oven at ~275 until they are dry and crisp. You should turn them once during baking.

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On Someone Please Tell Me What to Do With This Rutabaga

KALE!!! Ok give this a read:

I'm from the North originally, but live in NC for the past 16 years SO I have some experience with greens. My husband is born and raised in the south, so when he looks at them he wants to cook them TO DEATH and add a bunch of bacon and apple cider vinegar (not really complaining, I mean, bacon!). However, I get tired of heavy-cooked greens.

For Kale, I stem it, break it up into smaller chunks, and sautee it in a large pan with a little olive oil (NOT extra virgin, do not cook with that, just keep it on your salads...) until it's dark and JUST wilted. Don't over-cook it! Sprinkle on some kosher salt and cracked black pepper and ENJOY. Seriously once you cook it this way you will be IN LOVE with how delicious it is. Just. So good.

Collards are more bitter and tougher than kale, but you can still do the same thing, you just have to let them cook longer and maybe add a little more flavoring to help it along.

If you wanna get really delicious, get some Lacinato Kale (or Dinosaur Kale). It's softer, much darker, and sooooo good. So good. Now I'm hungry.

OH! Another thing to do with kale: make a sesame dressing (sesame seeds, s-oil, soy sauce, fresh grated ginger) and let that kale sit in it for a day before eating. You will be amazed how much you'll want to eat.

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On Where Brooklyn At? Where Brooklyn At? Where Brooklyn At?

In other words: Quick, set up a Hairpin boutique in Irvine!!

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On Gowns Unfit for Promenade

@femme cassidy Candace Marie. All the girls rolled their eyes when, in the 10th grade, she asked to be called Kandy from now on.

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On Gowns Unfit for Promenade

Can we talk about Sunnyvale High School's prom regulations? Male Hair requirements and how "unnatural" hair color is not acceptable (in this day and age a girl can't have purple hair? Really?) ALSO THE COUNSELOR'S NAME IS KANDY! WITH A K! Who is she to talk?

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On Beauty Q&A: Bullet Bras, Rancid Perfume, and Mascary

Thanks for taking my perfume question! I think we'll just keep the boxes the perfume comes in and store them in our bedroom from now on (rather than the bathroom). My poor coworkers will, however, continue to be subjected to my smell because there's only 2 of them anyway.

As for the shampoo front: I didn't seek out fancy shampoo, but bought some at the suggestion of my sister. I have a LOT of hair. Long, thick, and plentiful. I used to wash it every other day. The first day would dry it out and frizz it up, then the second day would be eeeehhhhhh okay except for the three inches from my scalp outwards (oiltown).

So I started using Arbonne's FC5 shampoo. It's weird? It barely lathers, which makes me feel weird every time I use it, but I swear my hair comes out so clean and soft and not dried out. I now wash my hair approximately every 4 days. Throw some dry shampoo in there and I get 5 days. It's like fancy-ass Mary Kay but it's fantastic.

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